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Carrying on from the crafty bits of the 35 before 35 list we get to the fun bits, life admin…

18: Write a Will
19: Get Driving Licence
20: Get Yachtmaster Ticket

These ones are all pretty self explanatory, not that we every really want to think about it but I am probably getting to that age where a will is not a silly idea. Although it is currently likely to read, give it all to Nikki, its now her problem…

19 I am finally having driving lessons so I am part way to ticking this box, I definitely don’t enjoy it but then again I am one of those people who doesn’t really like doing things that shes not good at, I like learning but I dont like things that I am not good at relatively quickly.

20 The yachtmaster is essentially a driving liscence for boats. Although sailing is a bit weird in as much as you don’t actually need any form of liscence to own a boat and sail it, only if you wish to charter off other people or work comerically as a skipper. This will happen one day…

Now onto the fun bits Travel etc.

21: Have a Spa Weekend
22: Visit all 15 National Parks
23: Canoe a Section of the Dart
24: Holiday on IOW
25: See up Helly Aa
26: Write up Travel Memoirs
27: Visit More European Countries
28: Relearn French
29: Go to Iceland
30: See Tivoli Winter Gardens

21 Well this one is still going to stay on the despite having gone to a spa soon after this list was written with Nikki and a friend, but I think I can justify another spa trip in the next 3 years…

22 This was a bit of an arbitary selection for the list but I think will make for a good push to explore the UK. Since I made the list I have already visited the New Forest.
Dartmoor will get ticked off with this years boxing day walk.
I am going to Hay-on-wye during the summer so should get to tick off a walk in the Brecon Beacons.
The South Downs can easily be reached from Portsmouth, although I have already visited prior to the list.
I have also visited Loch Lomond twice prior to this list, but will have to use it as an excuse to go up there again.
The Broads are a short hop from Norwich so thats an excuse to pop in and see Nikki and Philip.
The rest will require a bit more planning and will probably come in the next couple of years

23 When I was at uni I kayaked a white water section of the dart in December! This time I am planning something more sedate and chilled out. Think taking a picnic and borrowing one of the parent’s canoes. This has already threatened to become a whole family activity as this was the only item that my mum has mentioned from the list (Hi Mum...)

24 Holidaying on the IOW this one is very specifically Holiday. I am on the IOW almost weekly during the summer (at least on average over the season) but that is for work and in all my time over there I don’t think I have seen more than a mile or so back from the water front in either Cowes or Yarmouth. So this is specifically go to the IOW not for work and see some of the interiour, A and I keep saying that we will make it to the Garlic Farm one day…

25 See Up Helly Aa. This one I had to explain to Nikki when I first made the list as she thought that the text had meant that she hadn’t read what was written correctly. Fire and Vikings in the Shetlands, what more could a girl want… It is either this or replacing this with going to Shetland Wool Week

26 goes along with 1 & 2 I need to write up some of my travel stories when I go through my photos. For some of the travels I kept a diary for others I have started to write down what happened after the fact, for the more recent ones there are more photos but no writing. I might reurect my old blog for this and then eventually put some of them down alongside the photos in a photobook. Whether that will happen during the 3 years is still yet to be seen…

Gratuitous Travel Photo, because why not.

27 I have already made a bit of a start on visiting all of the European Countries but most of the ones that I have been to are coastal countries and I have visited them with the Tall Ships, it’s time to see some of the interior of the continent.

28 I was once fairly happy conversing in basic french but having not been there for a while I have lost this skill, I can tell that it wont be too hard to get it back because I can definitely cope with knitting or sewing to french tv as I don’t have to rely on the subtitles too much (it is another thing all together with Danish…) The best way for me to achieve this will be to go there for a while and submerse myself in the language.

29 Iceland has been on my list of wants for a very long time and having had a number of friends spend a while there in the last few years has only increased that longing. For some reason plans never seem to materialise but now that I have put it in black and white it will happen…

30 The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are an amazing place, Nikki and I went there at Halloween time, but apparently the winter set up is even better so this is on the wish list. We almost had time to go this winter but there was a clash, so hopefully in the next two years we will spend some time in Copenhagen over the Christmas break.

31 Well we all need a few secrets. I’ll tell you if this one ever comes to fruition.

32 I have already added another crafty one to this list! I want to make my own jewellery. Specifically having a go at silversmithing, creating some rings or other jewellery. I don’t know if I will try this on my own or do a course for it.

Some how I wrote out this bit of the list and never got round to posting it so I have made a little bit more progress on some of these points. But I will update on them at the end of the summer…


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  1. Kim

    It’s good to write our intentions down. Somehow that makes them more likely to happen. Good luck getting through your list

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah consolidating the list helped me think about what I wanted to do and even that process has made things more likely to happen. Lists are brilliant things…


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