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So the Christmas period got away from me a little so this round up of my #StitchingSanta parcels is a little late but here goes.

I recieved a wonderful Wooly Stitching Santa from Quirky Hannah which consisted of some Gorgeous varigated Yarn, two balls of chunky wool and some lovely cornish tea (Which has tall ships on it!), a lovely sewn pouch and a gorgeous little snowman ornament.

I have to admit I am normally really fussy about my tea and drink Lady Grey as my bog standard tea, I find PGTips etc are too liable to stew but this Cornish Tea is wonderful, I am def going to keep the box of it to myself.

Also I have been looking at buying myself some varigate yarn recently but never got round to it, I am possibly going to crochet myself another shawl with this ball of wool. Admitedly it is a little outside my normal colour range but then again there is only so much blue/green that I can actually wear! I am looking forward to seeing what I produce with it.

Currently as of yet I am still waiting to recieve my sewing stitching santa due to an unfortunate set of circumstances pre chrismtas for the sender.

I believe both of my parcels arrived with their intended recipients so I will show a quick snap shot of what I sent out as I don’t believe they are both going to be bloged about soon.

The first parcel I sent out had to wing its way to Germany to the lovey Rita at FabRita I knew that last year she didn’t meet up with her parcel for a few weeks as life intervened so I hoped that I could make something that would make her smile but would also reach her in more than enough time – although apparently it got there a little early and was tempting her under the tree.


I knit her a hat from my favourite pattern, sewed up a “stowe” bag and some hand made fudge. I got a chance to practice some of my leather working and made a snips case from some lovely pruple leather offcuts that I have from a local shoe shop to my parents, I also made a matching pin cushion from the purple leather and fabric that matched the bag. I raided my quilting fabric stash that I inherited from my grandmother and picked out a rainbow of fabrics that I felt might make a good quilt. I delved deep into my bead and button stash to find some items that I thought would help her out with some of her Altzheimer blankets.

My wooly stitching santa went to Rosina of Zeens and Rodger.


For this one I bought a few skiens of hand dyed yarn from Wooly Goodness Yarns, made another “Stowe” Bag, a notions pouch, some lobster claw stitch markers, a ball of wool Ornament for the tree. I knit a brioche cowl in cream and blue/green wool, this nearly didn’t get gifted as it is so squishy! I also included a pendant that I made when I was in Barbados from a piece of Coral.


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      Thank you. 🙂
      Yes the Tea is already in circulation and I think it is time for me to knit Philip a new hat so that chunky wool might have a project soon…


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