Pippa’s 2018 Make Nine

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So for the last few years, I have made up a Make Nine post on Instagram and here but each year I never get round to finishing the items on the list. So I’m trying to put a little more thought into it this year and come up with something that I will actually achieve.

  • Rumana Coat
    I bought this coat pattern on Boxing day and am planning to make up a version of it at some point in the first quarter of the year. I will probably have to adjust the sleeves on this too.
  • Active Jacket from Melissa Fehr’s Sew your own Active Wear book
    Once I have received this book I want to get my teeth stuck into making myself a soft shell jacket – I always have problems with RTW ones as they always have sleeves that are too small for me.
  • Wedding Shawl
    I really need to get a move on with this shawl as the provisional wedding date is in May – I brought the wool, needles and beads with me to Christmas but forgot the Tambour hook that I need to put the beads onto the wool.
  • Blanket
    I cast this on on Christmas Eve and am on the second column although I have a feeling progress will slow down after the Christmas period.
  • Nice going out tops
    I am probably going to try and hack Butterick B5997 to try and make a top like this one in the photo and add a few more niceish tops to my wardrobe – suitable for dinner or drinks.
  • Black/dark denim stretchy Ginger Jeans
    I am on the lookout for some decent stretch denim to make myself some super comfy jeans.
  • Sasha trousers
    Thanks to Nikki I recieved this pattern (already printed) for Christmas along with some fabric, zips and interfacing so there is no excuse for me not to try these out…
  • Knitted Jumper
    I have yet to work out what pattern I want to make this from but I would like to knit myself another knitted jumper probably with at least some of it knit on the knitting machine
  • Harriet Bra
    I think that I will invest in a kit for this, I did try making a version of this but as it is missing underwires and the fabric had too much stretch it didn’t really work very well.

10 thoughts on “Pippa’s 2018 Make Nine

  1. tialys

    Good luck with this! I love the coat but it’s on my ‘life’s too short’ list along with jeans. Coats are a funny thing where I live – you either need something padded to death like a ski jacket or no coat at all. I’ve decided to stick with RTW jeans because I am a boringly regular size and can’t imagine being able to make some that fit me as well as the ones I can buy. One of my daughters, on the other hand, might benefit from some made to fit jeans so maybe I should go for it on her behalf.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol well I can totally see the logic behind your “life’s too short list” but unfortunately both the boat and the jeans are there because I find it hard to find ones that fit properly.
      The Ginger Jeans fit me really nicely after a small bit of modification to remove a chunk for my Sway back, the instructions are really simple and I made mine with bar tacks, instead of rivets and a button instead of a “proper” jeans button which made them much easier to construct. If you ever do go for it I would def recomend this pattern.

  2. Dartmoor Yarns

    Good luck. Some nice makes, but to me the thought of making a bra is super scary – mind it sounds eminently sensible as getting the damn things to fit is always a nightmare.

    1. Pippa Post author

      I have managed to copy a sports bra from Primark, twice now, when the material died. But I haven’t got as far as a proper one, lets see how far I get this year.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol and here in lies the major problem. Time! it probably doesn’t help that I haven’t even looked at my sewing machine since Christmas…
      We will see how many I actually achieve.

  3. jendavismiller

    Quite the ambitious list (said she who is still working on sewing straight seams….) and a nice variety. I like the changes you explained re the ginger jeans, they’re on my list too (yet again) and you seem to have made them a little simpler. 😀

    1. Pippa Post author

      I’m all for simple most of the time. And tbh I wear jeans for their fit not for the look really.
      I also changed the top stitch colour to be a close matching colour to the denim so that reduces the need for prefect top stitching. And use a triple stitch so I don’t need to buy any special thread…


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