Monday Sevens #83

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

This week has been a bit less busy than previous weeks but not by much.

Monday saw Pippa having another appointment with the Occupational Therapist and was given a resistance band to try and strengthen her wrists to see if that will stop the pain.

Monday sevens #83

This week has seen a few things arrive from Black Friday sales. Nikki was immensely happy when the new hoover arrived she dropped the key to the front door in excitement, when opening it for the post man. (She maintains it just slipped but we all know the truth!)


Tuesday and Wednesday saw lots of Pre-Christmas cooking with the Christmas puddings, Mulling syrup and fudge being made. Pippa also managed to slice into her finger with the bread knife which is still giving her issues almost a week later. 🙁

Weds evening we drove over to Poole and Thursday was taken up with yet more festive preparations as more mulling syrup was on the go, making the house smell very festive.

Monday sevens #83

Lots of sewing took place, Pippa even did some more leather work, something she hasn’t done for a while. And finally (2years ? after she got it) repaired the damaged Radley bag that she rescued from the charity shop when she worked there:

Monday sevens #83
Monday sevens #83

Pippa finally got round to finishing the edging on her shawl that she cast on last Christmas

Machir bay shawl. (Modified) with dream stripes lace edging.

Nikki collected some pine cones and dried them for future crafting endeavours


When are parents suddenly announced that they would be coming over for a nights stop over on their way down to our Aunts house we had to scramble to wrap all of their Advent presents. Made it with only 2 presents missing and we will be seeing them before then 🙂


When Nikki got back to Southampton on Saturday she got the tree up there in all its illuminated festive glory, and in slightly less festive but no less glorious fashion we finally have a showerhead that you don’t need to hold onto! Glory of Glorys – it only took a few years to implement.


Nikki did more Christmas crafting and used some of those pinecones 🙂 amongst other things


In a week of finally biting the bullet and doing things that have been put off for ages (years) Pippa got her inherited knitting machine to use. The normal knitting process on it is now working fine and has produced a few fabrics with different weights of wool. It looks like DK is the thickest that will knit up on it but this does produce a very firm fabric.

Monday sevens #83

But unfortunately at the moment the Ribbing Attachment isn’t producing the fabric correctly as the hooks don’t seem to be pulling the new stitch down through the old stitch. It seems that the hooks are not sinking far enough…?

Monday sevens #83

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