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Both Nikki and I have signed up to this years #StitchingSanta hosted by Sewchet, and are hurriedly stalking our partners to work out what they would like to receive. With this in mind and because we are planning a home made advent calendar I have been thinking about the little things that you can make for people for Christmas. Whether as stocking stuffers, gifts for those friends that you want to get something for but have no idea what or just some small gifts to keep in reserve for when you are unexpectedly gifted something and you don’t want that person to leave empty handed. (see my Advent Calender post for more inspiration)


Every year I tend to do some Christmas knitting for presents. One of the things I make the most of are the little Christmas stocking ornaments that I have been knitting for the past few years. They are very quick to make and a great for using up scraps of left over DK wool, that was what I used pretty much exclusively for the first year and resulted in a few not so festive colour combinations!
Mini Christmas Stockings

I also Knit a load of hats every year, although this year I might have lost a bit of my hat knitting steam as I have knitted up 10 matching hats for a friends charity and still have a number left over from last year. Oh well this gives me more time to focus on other more interesting knitting projects, although I’m sure a few will creep in.

Other favourites include Hand Warmers, a nice simple cowl or infinity scarf, (I would shy away from normal scarfs as they need to be so long to be effective they take longer and I loose the will to live!) or a head band.


Last year I made a lot of bags in the run up to Christmas and I think I will again this year. Whether it is a nice little knitting project bag like the Stowe bag, or simple drawstring bags they are good as presents in themselves or in place of wrapping paper. We have been thinking about not using wrapping paper at all this year and only using reusable means of wrapping the presents and we are planning on making lots of drawstring bags to take up this task.

Monday sevens #65

I have made a few Mini Notions Bags and since Nikki seems to have take up the bag making baton this year she has been making some more with slightly modified dimensions. Currently we both use one of these for storing our headphones in when out and about.

Or a “boxy bag” is a very useful type of bag, they can be used to store pretty much anything in, I have a small one that Nikki made last year that stores my sock knitting but they can be used for many uses such as wash kits in a nice hardwearing fabric to make up bags or clutches in a nice fancy fabric.

Check out my Christmas gift Pinterest board for more inspiration, which I will be adding to over the next month or so as I find more inspiration for Christmas Gifts

Stitching Santa Presents:

Here is a recap of the previous Stitching Santa Presents that were sent and received.

2016: Pippa: received by Pippa and sent out for Knitting and Sewing.

And Nikki’s: Received, and Sent out. I’m not sure Nikki ever really blogged about that box, I think it is high time she did something about that!

2015: Pippa: Received Sewing, Received Knitting, Sent out Knitting, Sent out, sewing


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    1. Pippa Post author

      🙂 Yeah I think hats might make it intro the parcel again this year.
      The pouches are so useful. I need to make more for myself.

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