Monday Sevens #82

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

This week has actually been quite a productive week with some pre Christmas preparation underway with lots of drawstring sacks cut out ready to be made into eco-friendly wrappings for presents and lots of sheets being taped together for a seamwork pattern.



The seamwork pattern was the Aires Leggings for Nikki. She cut made them up in some left over Lycra that we have from various previous dance dresses. Some very good seam alignment here, and neat top stitching 🙂


Pippa also finally got round to starting to add an edging onto the shawl she knit up at Christmas last year, it was very nice just never quite large enough.

Monday sevens #82

On Thursday Pippa had another eye test – this time they had to dilate the pupil to look at the back of the eye and this meant she had blurry vision for a number of hours. So obviously the best course of action was to treat herself to a Pret lunch and take on some of the most complicated brioche knitting she has ever attempted…

Monday sevens #82

Last Sunday evening Pippa started cutting out her Latin dress and managed to get the pattern designed cut and sewn up that evening. Its was just lacking any of the extras…
One of those extras was crinoline which she had to order from Blackpool (the home of Ballroom dancing) thankfully that arrived early weds morning so she managed to manhandle 16m of crinoline onto the bottom of two dresses during the week. Crinoline can be a bit unruly at times.

Monday sevens #82

One of the most difficult thing about the dresses was probably making two dresses for two quite different sized people with only one single fitting for the second dress! Thankfully Lycra is very forgiving and estimations of how much to take off/add worked out correctly… 🙂 Thank goodness…

We think they worked out quite nicely even if Pippa was sewing the final appliqué on on Saturday morning. They needed to be used in the afternoon…

Monday sevens #82

As normal the rhinestones were out the day before the competition. Is it even a competition if we are not stoning a dress the night before? This time the competition was in Bath and in an odd turn of events the competition was held in the famous assembly rooms which is a bit of a grand location complete with lovely chandeliers. Watching the advanced dancers Viennese-ing around the room did seem some what like a scene from a period drama.

Monday sevens #82

But the crafting never sleeps (especially in the run up to Christmas) so hat making continued apace at the competition. And Pippa would have had more than one done if she hadn’t had to restart this hat 3 times!

Monday sevens #82

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    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol yes a very matchy week this week.
      Its my own fault for not really thinking about how the pattern would change with different wool!

  1. sewchet

    No,3 Son isn’t at the sequinned costume stage yet, much to his disdain! I did a wedding once at The Assembly Rooms; it’s quite something. You both remind me of my last minute attempts at sewing what with sewing rhinestones on the night before! How did you do in the competition?


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