Monday Sevens #62

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

What is this madness… a Monday Sevens post actually up on a Monday?! That is probably due to the fact is it a bank holiday and Pippa and I are both in the same place for once, so getting the post sorted was a bit easier than normal.

So I’ve been trying to unwind offline in the evenings and not have as much screen time so I’ve taken up jigsaw puzzles again. A mug of hot chocolate and a puzzle if definitely a nice way to spend an evening.

Although I definitely go fairly quickly with the puzzles, having completed 2 * 1000 piece puzzles and a 500 piece double sided “Impossipuzzle” in about a week…I’m now starting on the reverse side of the Impossipuzzle which is smarties, and doing it without looking at the box. That will take a lot longer.


It was Pippa’s birthday this week, and for the first time in a long time she was actually in Southampton for it! (Although still working) The sailing event was conveniently down in Ocean Village so we met up with a few friends and had dinner at Banana Wharf! 🙂 We ended the dinner with a lovely brownie for Pippa complete with its own roman candle…

Happy Birthday Pippa =)



Some very #firstworldproblems from Pippa this week. When you can’t moor the boat where you planned to or you’d knock over the champagne stand…
Monday sevens


The weather was lovely during the week, so we had an impromptu BBQ with a few friends and the first pimms of the year (Also an excuse to get the fancy glasses out)


Back from sailing Pippa took the time to do a bit of knitting, knitting up new hat in a couple of hours. First project on the new interchangeable knitting needles I bought her for her birthday! #wonderfulsister
Monday sevens


Pippa has encouraged me to have a knitting project as a relaxation from writing all the time, so I have settled on a blanket to go with the red feature wall in the lounge. This week I purchased some sample wools and started knitting up a swatch to check gauge/knitting styles. This is Drops Andes wool/alpaca mix which was conveniently on sale… Going to make such a snuggly blanket!


More knitting from Pippa, not #trainstationknitting this time, but the return of #carknitting as we drove down to Poole for a few days. The cast on of the 3rd blue hat.
Monday sevens


We did some work in the garden (naturally it started raining as soon as we stepped outside) and tried to burn some of the excessive amounts of garden trimmings. It does look some what like we a trying to send smoke signals at this point though.

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