Monday Sevens #60

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

This week Nikki has been doing a bit more work around the house and the garden. She put up a new bird feeder in the corner of the new lawn. Hopefully this should bring a number of different birds to the garden. We’ve already had a few birds come into the garden.



A new chopping board from the bargain corner of IKEA, with a little bit of oil added to it the colour is coming up really nicely.



Nikki made a new trolley unit for the kitchen. This is made from an IKEA ivar unit modified with side panels, and modified to make it a trolley by adding castors on the bottom. Really useful for storing stuff in the kitchen, and easy to move. But I think that it might need to be oiled or varnished a little bit to fit in with the kitchen a bit more.



The sofa was moved from the lounge because of the new sofa-bed that we’ve got, so the old sofa was taken to Poole with the very generours help of our parents and now has a home in Pippa’s lounge.



Meanwhile Pippa took a trip up to Worcester to see Ed. On the way a little train knitting of course! Although the train station was pretty freezing so the jumper was useful as a blanket whilst waiting for the train.

Monday sevens


Pippa and Ed took the dogs for a nice walk in the forest nearby, with the path crossing through these train tracks and this exceptionally green forest section.

Monday sevens


Although the dogs were very keen to see where they were going, even in the car…sticking their heads up between the seats.

Monday sevens


And some beautiful colour from this wisteria that was growing up by their house.

Monday sevens

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