Monday Sevens #53

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Here is this weeks “Sunday” Sevens post, linking up to Natalie to give a snap shot view of how the last week has gone.

Some how last weeks post was missed, so this is a catch up post covering both weeks.

The SUBLDS dresses have come along since last time they were posted.

1/2 yard of Guipure lace, pair of scissors and lots of time later the dresses had appliqués…

Monday sevens

More rhinestones… Always more rhinestones…

Monday sevens

And some sparkly bangles to go with them


We took the dresses down to the practice room to check out how they move, here is one of them that was made for Nikki, it needs to be taken in a bit but looks good at the moment.

New dance dresses

Because everything needs more rhinestones Nikki’s current two piece got more rhinestones

Monday sevens

We now have a Swarovski rhinestone chart so that Nikki can get her rhinestone fix.

rhinestone chart

Last weekend Pippa managed to steal her other half away for the weekend at a bed and breakfast near Petworth, which was lovely but the area is probably best explored when it isn’t snowing…

Monday sevens

Petworth House itself was an interesting property to look round, it was still partly closed for the winter but there was an opportunity to take a guided tour of some of the rooms which were chock full of amazing paintings, or painted in a very impressive manner themselves.

Monday sevens

This week has provided some knitting time allowing Pippa to swatch and cast on her Riddari Jumper. Once sleeve is pretty much finished now, just time to block it and double check that it matches the swatch guage.

Monday sevens

Pippa has also started a Big knitting project ( because apparently a colourwork jumper was not big enough!) and Cast on a Wedding Peacock shawl as a present for a friend of ours wedding! Thankfully the date for the wedding is 15 months away which should give enough time to knit this. And as it wasn’t complicated enough as it was she has chosen to bead it as well…

Monday sevens

Nikki unfortunately has not had quite as good a week as she found this in her tyre mid week – a nice sizeable bolt – which required her to get the tyre replaced…


But she did get some very nice appliqués in the post so it hasn’t been all bad.


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    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah it looks nice. It is a bit big around the waist at the moment so it moves too high up the body but once we take it in a bit it should be much better. 🙂


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