Making My Memory Jar

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Making a memory jar

As a resolution for this year, I have decided I need to document my life better. As part of this I have decided I want to make a memory jar. This was something I saw a friend post about on Facebook and the concept of it is very simple.

You take a jar (or any other receptacle) and roughly once a week you write down a memory of something good that happened and put it in the jar. (I guess you could put other things that happen that aren’t always good, but I want to try and remember the happy things, so that’s what I will put in)

Then at the end of the year you sit down and open the jar and you get too look back on all the memories that you put into the jar and hopefully it will make you smile. 🙂


This is the jar I decided to use, it was sitting around beside by desk when I found it. I think it used to hold loose change but that got taken to the bank.

Any jar will do really. I wanted a see-through one though as I like the idea of being able to see the memories stack up, it might also help me to remember to actually put memories in.

memory jar to be

sharpie writing on the side of jar


I wanted to identify my jar in some way, so I decided that sharpies would be good way to do this.
Writing on the curved glass is a little awkward, so it took me a few tries, but I’m happy with this for the moment since I’m not very arty.
If you are more arty you could add more detail/drawing to it, but don’t worry if you go wrong, a bit of nail varnish remover can take off the sharpie and you can draw it on again. I don’t know if it will last the whole year, but if not I’ll draw it on again.

Now for what you add into it…
To record memories you obviously need something to write on, this could be paper or card or something similar. I have some cardstock which I bought last year so I cut that into pieces which should be large enough to fit a date and a sentence on. This card does actually have a pattern on it, but you can’t see it in the photo. I will also cut some other cardstock but where it has a bold pattern I might write on the plain back.
cardstock cut to note sized pieces

I will write different types of memories to put in my jar. Some will be things that happened, for example; going for our New Year’s walk on Dartmoor. But I also thought it would be a nice idea to record projects that I have started such as knitting George’s Scarf, and at the end of the year I can see how many of them have been completed… The normal memories will have a date on them, I haven’t decided whether to date the projects yet though.
memory - starting a craft project

And then you simply add the memories into the jar, and remember to keep writing them regularly so that you actually have something to look back on at the end of the year!

the memory jar has been started

A pretty looking way of keeping track of some memories!




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