A/W sewing plans – An Update

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Last year I wrote up some Autumn Winter Sewing Plans which I cant say that I got very far with!

  • I did finish the neck line on my Aberdeen sweater but haven’t changed the cuffs yet.
  • I now own the grey ponte for the Zephyr dress after winning £20 gift card from Tia Knight
  • Jeans are still on my list!
  • Aladdin trousers are still there too, I do own the grey material for these, I’m just not 100% sure where it is at the moment…
  • Coats are still on the list! (I sense a theme)

I did get some stuff done, I made two cropped boxy tops (not including my peacock sequinned one but I don’t think counts as basics). I made myself a Rainbow Ballroom Dress, another Ballroom skirt and two black jumpers ( Burda Style #137 08/16, and an Oslo made from a wool blanket from Ikea 🙂 ) and some sewing for other people.

Rainbow Dress


Next year I am looking at really focusing on making things that I need and trying to expand my Me-Made wardrobe so I can have more 100% Me-Made days. With this in mind I have decided to come up with a make nine again so that I can start formulating plans for next year.


Top Row L-R: Zephyr as previously mentioned; Ginger Jeans as previously mentioned; Boylston Bra, 2017 is the year of more underwear;

Mid Row L-R: Neenah Dress shortened to a top; Jane Top modified to have sleeve tabs; Good old Renfrew;

Bottom Row L-R: Manila Leggings made up as thermals; Burda Style Dress 05/16 #108; Burda Style Coat 09/16 #138

A lot of basics in here but I want all of my makes this year (for my wardrobe ie not dance related) to be very wearable. I plan on making some decent thermals, probably merino wool or something like that, I also need to replace my fluffy backed fleece jacket and the arm holes are just too small 🙁

I own all of the patterns except the ones on the top row, I plan to buy Zephyr as soon as possible but the others might be investments later in the year. I need to investigate if the Boylston Bra is the best one to start with.

I want to find a fabric that can be smooshed up and still come out crease free for the dress so that I can just throw it in my bag and have something that I can pull out and still look vaguely put together.

Now to see if I can actually live up to my plans this year. What about you, do you have any plans or do you just do things as the inspiration strikes?


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