Autumn/Winter Sewing Plans

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Every season I keep planning my new seasons sewing. I don’t often get round to sewing what I have dreamed about sewing, but this year I have been trying to stream line my wardrobe and make it more inline with a “capsule wardrobe”. I will never get to throwing everything out and just having 36 items of clothing or how ever many it is they suggest for each season but I need to think about what it is that I do wear and what I don’t wear.

The other day Nikki and I went through our wardrobes and threw out 5 bags of clothes and shoes between us! I threw out shoes that I have had since I was still in 6th form (10+ years ago!) and a number of items I have that don’t fit me properly so don’t get worn as much as they should. I also made a pile of clothes that didn’t quite fit but were still useful and I would keep until I managed to get/make a replacement that was 100% what I wanted, then the original would be got rid of. Nikki was shocked at how large this pile was!

With this in mind there are a few things that I want to make to replace things already in my wardrobe and a few things I want to make to fill holes.

I have an Aberdeen top (Modified) that I made out of grey sweatshirting material which just has an open neck at the moment, I like that pattern and the space that it gives me under the arms etc but the neckline needs to be finished so I have bought some grey ribbing to make a collar and cuffs.
Grey Sweatshirting From Tia Knight
Grey Ribbing from Tia Knight

Zephyr dress from Deer and Doe - made my Camille at attack of the seam ripper
Grey Marl Ponte from Tia Knight
I would like a skater style dress, I have never owned one of these before but since wearing a slightly similar style to a friends wedding I have decided that it might actually suit me! I think this grey Ponte from Tia Knight would be lovely for it.
I am looking at using the Zephyr Pattern from Deer and Doe.

I need to sew myself some trousers/jeans I can never find ones that fit well enough which are not boot cut and they don’t fit inside boots well! I am thinking possibly Ginger Jeans (L) or Safran (R).
Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files
Safran Trousers from Deer and Doe

Grey viscose from Fabric Land
Petrol/peacock Viscose from Fabric Land
I need to make some Aladdin Trousers. I have a pair in black from Primark that are so useful I wear them to dance all the time. I want to make a pair in dark grey which would match my PJ top and in a bright colour for practising dance in.

I also want to make a coat but I have no idea what I want to start with I own a vogue pattern but I think this a bit too much of a project for a first coat. I also have these two coats from the plus size section of my Burda Style magazines, But im not sure if I could cope with tracing off a whole coat!

Vogue V8346 coat pattern
Plus size coat from Burda Style
Plus size coat pattern from Burda Style

I am also planning on making some simple tops, more Renfrews as I have got this pattern modified to how I like it, some thing like Sorbetto tops but I still have yet to get this to fit me properly and some of the simple tops from this years Burda Style, or Seamwork magazines.

Oh and half a dozen Ballroom and Latin dresses!

What are your Autumn Winter sewing plans?


4 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter Sewing Plans

  1. Sheila

    Well, certainly not half a dozen ballroom dresses! I don’t actually make plans for my wardrobe other than those I make for Minerva Crafts blog posts as I’m not that interested in fashion. I do love to make a good ballgown though, and hope that hubby’s new job may necessitate the making of one very soon:)

    1. Pippa Post author

      Ooh Ballgowns are always good fun. I have got to make some thing for a ball the weekend after next. I have a wonderful piece of peacock sequinned fabric just waiting for inspiration to strike.

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