My First Crochet!

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So although I have done some knitting before, I’ve never really done any crochet. When we were in Scandinavia on holiday recently Pippa was crocheting (as we thought crochet hooks were better to take through security than knitting needles) and I thought it would be nice to try something.

We nipped into Tiger (my new favourite shop, it seems to sell everything!) and grabbed a crochet hook and some garn, or yarn to us. The yarn they had was probably a little fluffy for a first crochet project, but it was all they had in the tiger we visited, so it was what we got.

Then I was a bit at a loss as to what to make, so I went for the quintessential first project… a mug cosy!

Most of the crocheting took place in the coffee shops of Copenhagen, where we spent quite a lot of time…


Pippa took this sneaky photo of me busy concentrating on my crocheting.

Most of the cosy was done with fairly simple stitches, but I did add in a little pizzazz by doing a swirl in it, vaguely like a cable in knitting. I don’t know what the technical term for it is…

I still need to complete the cosy by stitching it up, but I wasn’t sure how big my mugs were, so I thought I’d leave that until we got back.


and here it is actually on a mug…

And a definitely not posed set of photos of me using the mug cosy, not posed at all.





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