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So I feel like I have only just finished my OAL2016 Cardigan and am considering knitting another jumper! I feel slightly like knitting is taking over from sewing as my go to hobby at the moment, but it is probably because it is soo much more portable and can be done in the presence of other people with out being too loud etc.

Towards the end of my cardigan, part way through the three mile of pale blue stockinette, I was longing for a bright colour work jumper. I have been thinking for a while about doing an Icelandic yoked style jumper, but thinking about it more I have decided that a cardigan would be more versatile for me.

The other day Karen started the Fringe and Friends Knit along in which people are knitting top down improvised sweaters. As most of my previous knitting proves I’m not very good at sticking to patterns so this sounds like something I could sink my teeth into*. But since I don’t want to be knitting something that I don’t really want I am going to add colour work to it.

I have been looking at colour work patterns recently and since I don’t really want to have to design the sweater and the colour work pattern as well I am going to use the pattern from Riddari but I am going to re chart the yoke pattern to modify the colourings to make it look less “stripey”. I am also planning to steek the Jumper into a Cardigan and add a collar.

I am planning on re charting the colour work to look something like this:

This will remove one of the colours from the equation as the second background colour is not there. I am also planning on turning it into a cardigan and knitting button bands on to it, probably adding a collar too.

Now comes the fun part of picking some colours, ordering wool, swatching and then calculating the stitch counts for my Jumper! Oh and I’m off on Pelican again this weekend, its a good thing knitting is portable!

So your thoughts, A good challenge or setting myself up for failure?

Next stop re charting the colour work to two colours and knitting another hat to test the pattern in vaugely the right colours.

* A mildly ironic choice of words since I broke off part of my tooth at dinner this evening!


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