Sunday Sevens #21

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Ok so some how I am coming up to a week late for this Sunday Sevens but I genuinely didn’t realise that Sunday was Sunday, and I have been working flat out since then. Going to bed a 2130/2200 is not unusual at the moment.

The last week has been quite a bit of work. Monday through to Friday 1200 hrs we had one voyage on with 11-14 year old children from Rudolf Steiner School in Brighton then at 1700 Friday evening we had another group of kids join for a two day voyage. This quick a turn around required lots of laundry, most of which was hidden in one of the unused cabins and I am still doing now (thurday the week after!)


Because the Steiner kids were much younger than we are used to we only did day sailing with them. Thankfully we had some lovely weather and this was snapped when we were taking a short break on the foredeck after setting all the sail that we could possibly set. This pose lasted all of 5 minutes before we got called to do more work!


we took the kids out for a run about in the RIB which we took some photos of the ship. This is my assistant Charlotte infront of out (at the time) very black looking ship.


On the Thursday the Kids went off to Nothe Fort and we managed to get some work done, This is Charlotte and one of our Volunteers Bending on one of our jibs. (they are attaching the sail to the rig so that we can use it, they are all taken off over winter so that they can get checked over by the sail maker and repaired)


When our new crew arrived on Friday we had to give them the safety talks that we always have to give them, one part of this is the what to do in the various emergencies that we could face. Having to abandon ship is one that we have to cover, should this happen we have immersion suits that we would have to put on. Here is our (slightly) mental 2nd Officer demonstrating an immersion suit.


As is custom with out weather it keeps going to lovely and hot to stupidly cold. We sailed from Weymouth to Swanage Bay on the Sat and we absolutely froze on the way over. This is my lovely BM (Charlotte returned to Denmark for the weekend) demonstrating how cold she was whilst waiting to drop the anchor for the night


It may have been freezing but we were treated to a lovely sight in the Bay in the evening


With old Harry’s rock on the other side

My Apologies That this is soo late but some times time gets away from me.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #21

  1. del

    Lovely photos! Have had my map out looking up lots of Blighty mentions from books, BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, and have included your ports. Amazing that you have such swings of temps, but am remembering the various changes you have in your quadrant ~ from artic air to tropical currents ~ guess you must be prepared for anything. And you’re frequently not disappointed! Late? Neh-vah!

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol this week just gone gave us hail and even snow in some parts of the UK. I’ve been wearing thermals all week!
      To be fair some times I have to get the map out to find places in the UK

  2. Sheila

    Wow, some fab photos in there! So you do day sailing with the kids, but I can’t imagine night sailing – I’m feeling sick at the thought of not being able to see the horizon…..

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah we’ve just come back from two over night trips to and from fowey. It’s never that dark at night, there is normally at least some colour difference. Unless it is foggy.


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