Sunday Sevens #15

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Welcome to this weeks instalment of Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, posting 7 photos of your week that wouldn’t warrant blog posts of their own.

        1. The beginning of the week was very slow as I am still recovering from this damn cold, but I did make myself some shineys. Although Nikki is borrowing these at the moment.

        2. I have been making underwear to use up scraps of jersey I have (explaining the disproportionally large amount of pink underwear I have!) But recently I bought some fabric deliberately for underwear, the white power mesh and purple lace. I have copied a design feature from some RTW underwear that I have and the mesh back of these is folded along the bottom edge so there is no need for elastic, Making these very comfortable

        3. A very bad photo of my finished version of the Burda Style jumper I made. #112 Nov 2015. I made this from Ponte Knit I had to buy more to add the bottom waist band, which I think needs steaming, or top stitching… This is a slightly odd shaped top, but I like the French darts it makes for a different silhouette. I am glad it is out of a stretch fabric as the armscye is very deep and I doubt I would be able to lift my arms very high if the material was not stretch.

        4. My right hand glove! I have learnt it is actually quite hard to take a photo of my right hand… I just need to find someone else to take photos of both of them at the same time now!

      1. Going back to Soton on Weds I took the bus to Poole train station which takes you past a roundabout with some old navigation markers on it. It looks lovely in the Sunset !

      2. Everyone loves a train station with a view. #poole #trainstationwithaview

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      3. Lovely sky this morning. Still not sure it was worth getting up for…

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        Thursday was death by powerpoint at the Sunsail Brief in Portsmouth. Long and short of it, I am doing some Corporate Sailing this year

      4. Friday I did some shopping in town and treated myself to my guilty pleasure. A Cheese and Ham toastie at Pret. It is the mustard that makes it!

      5. Another Burda make, this time from the January edition. #103, Jan 2016. Jersey Tshirt with bust darts. This is a bit baggier than I have been making recently so should be good for layering

      6. Another make. Don’t ask what I’m doing with my head! This is another adaption of seamwork Aberdeen, I made the cuffs longer than the pattern to try and get more coverage, I think I will add cuff bands to them to try and get even more length, these were the longest I could get from the fabric.

        A surprinsgly productive week considering I didn’t even leave the house until weds evening.
        Next week would like to make more tops, look at getting a decent pattern for a layering Tshirt, possibly copy a RTW one I have or adapt some of the patterns I own.
        I would also like to make a partial placket button up top in a lovely viscose fabric I own.
        Oh and finish getting better from this damn cold. Has anyone else got it? I do hope not.




2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #15

  1. del

    Lol! “Death by powerpoint” is unfortunately so true so much of the time!
    Sorry to hear you’re still not back to 100%, but am glad you’re able to keep busy with sparklies & stash busting. Hang tough & things will get better. Maybe another cheese & ham would turn the tide . . . er, pardon the unintentional pun.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah. The lack of pret in Poole means I’ve having to find a replacement for the cheese and ham. I think that requires experimentation, I had the Nero version yesterday after my hospital appointment. And their breakfast sandwich after my blood test on Monday. Pret still wins though…


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