Sunday Sevens #14

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Welcome to this weeks instalment of Sunday Sevens from Natalie at Thread and Bobbins, posting 7 photos of your week that wouldn’t warrant blog posts of their own.

  1. After last weeks Last minute dress editing Nikki decided she needed more rhinestones to add to her dress, I think we might have to plan an intervention soon, bearing in mind have a bag at mine still! There is no thing as too many sparkles, Right!

  2. Whilst hibernating on the sofa last week I decided I needed to get something done so I tried to make some bangles to go with the Purple Dresses. Using Rigilene and some of the material I cut off the bottom of the dresses at the comp I created 4 bangles and started to apply some rhinestones to them. I love the colour change in the Volcano stones (the middle line of stones)

  3. So last week I started knitting myself some hand warmers in a the lovely Alpaca that SewChet sent me for my stitching Santa. I wasn’t 100% sure I would like them when I got a little way in but I persevered. I’m always shocked when my nails look good, I think I need to frame this photo just for that :p

  4. I managed to finish mit no1 and the pattern does show up more than I was expecting it too, as the alpaca is a bit too fluffy for the pattern. I extended the pattern by half a repeat (over the knuckles). But can anyone see my mistake?

  5. In an attempt to get more Veg in my diet I smothered it in Cheese, in my Broccoli on Toast

  6. In my attempts to keep my hands busy whilst recuperating on the “sofa” I have been making more shiny things. These will hopefully turn into earrings.


    Only 6 photos this week as I haven’t really been doing much. My Aims for next week are to finally beat this cold, and organise. There is only a month till I go back to sea so there is a lot that I need to sort out…


7 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #14

  1. Sheila

    Lovely gloves and no, I can’t see the mistake so stop trying to point it out! I still can’t decide whether broccoli on toast is inspired or just plain wrong! I love all the sparkles in this post and think it’s great that you use up even the hem of the dresses that you shortened – no waste at all:)

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah I am a fan of no waster, but have to let you into a secret that was mostly because the rest of the fabric was back at my house. Although you should see the amount of pattern pieces I can squeeze into 1m of jersey!
      I knew I had a made a mistake in my gloves but continued as I didn’t think it was too noticeable, it just stuck out to me in the photos, but if you can’t see it then I’m happy with that and will stop worrying :p

  2. del

    Pretty hands in those bright hand warmers, Lovely, and good to hear you’ve improved enough to get busy with glammy makes! They’re so cheerful, so you must be on the mend to be doing them, and eating those yummy cheese/broccoli toasties. Hope you have a grand week!

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol thanks, I’m not sure I need to feel great to make glammy makes, Rhinestones seem to be currency around here at the moment. But it is nice to be working with some bright wool 🙂
      I’m not sure the week is going to be doing much still fighting this damn cold!


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