Sewaholic Renfrew

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I over the years I have been working on getting a decent T-shirt pattern and have tried Sewaholic’s Renfrew top.

Renfrew 1 - 1

It took me a while to get it to fit nicely. I ended up cutting two sizes smaller than I started with and doing an FBA, I also adjusted the size of the armscye as I always find this cuts in on RTW tops and is something that I really don’t like. There are still some fold lines under the armpit but I think that these will be hard to get rid of and are better than almost any RTW T-shirt that I own.

Renfrew 1 - 3 Renfrew 1 - 1 Renfrew 1 - 2

This shirt was made from a lovely stretchy rib fabric, so far I have made two of these with it and still have some more fabric left over to make more if I decided that I want to. My other one is a 3/4 length sleeve with a V neck.

Renfrew 3 - 1 (600x800)This second version is made with a very slinky knit covered in anchors, I saw the fabric in our local fabric land and just had to buy it. It is so very me! This top is lovely to wear as it is quite light weight and not too tight at all. The only down side is it has discoloured slightly over time. Oh well I will just have to make more so that I have more tops in rotation.

Renfrew 3 - 4 (712x800) Renfrew 3 - 2 (735x800) Renfrew 3 - 3 (907x1024)

What Tried and Tested patterns do you have? How many times have you made them?

Expect to see more of these pop up on the blog, I have more old ones I haven’t talked about and fabric to make more. Yay for Cake…


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