New Year, New Plans

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So I have read many New Year posts all about peoples plans and decided that I should probably do one too if only because it will help me to organise what I need to do and what I want to do (and well what other people want me to do).

So my overarching plans for the year rest around sewing useful stuff, filling in the holes in my wardrobe and tackling some of those more complicated items that I lack in my handmade arsenal.

Overall I want to sew Trousers, Jumpers, more Underwear and ultimately a Coat of some variety. I will also need some more T-Shirts but I’m not worried about these as I have mastered the fit for the Renfrew pattern and just need a few tweaks on the Aberdeen pattern for a slouchy Tee.

I also would like a mid thigh/knee length skirt that I can wear with anything, not too much volume. I will also probably make some leggings/tights to go with this skirt to transition from winter into spring.

On top of this I have a number of things in the pipe line for other people, which have deadline on them. 3 Latin dresses, one green that I have been putting off for way too long and two matching ones for Nikki and her partner. I am also contemplating the possibility of making a tail suit for another dancer but have never done anything like it before so am slightly apprehensive (also I cannot find any suitable patterns out there!) Does anyone know of any patterns for Jackets for dancers, or conductors etc basically anyone that keeps their arms up/out so would have a normal jacket ride up…

Green Latin Dress Purple Latin Dress Les Mis Jackets
Thurlow Trousers Ginger Jeans 1201_Renfrew_Top_First_Image__77051.1382477441.1280.1280
V8346 coat pattern seamwork paxon jumper Chalk lines skirt

Top: L-R: Green Latin dress in progress; Possible sketch for the pair of Latin Dresses; The tail suit I have been asked to make is along the lines of these two.

Middle L-R: Thurlow Trousers look like they could be a good candidate for my first pair of trousers; Ginger Jeans are on the list too; the Renfrew T-Shirt has now become a staple in my wardrobe (admittedly not the cowl neck version)

Bottom L-R: Vogue V8346 has been sitting in my pattern stash for way too long now, I think its time to finally let it see the light of day as a finished garment; Paxson jumper from Seamwork might make it to my day to day rotation if I make it up; Something along the lines of this Chalk Lines skirt might be a good, but not too boring day to day skirt.

Lets see how many of these things I can actually get round to making this year. I feel that I will have to be very organised to not get distracted. We will see how the sewing goes once the warmer weather is here and I am off sailing again…

What are your plans for the years sewing? Do you have any or do you just plan each make as it comes along?


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