First Proper Harvest

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This week we had our first “proper” harvest from the garden, we have had bits and bobs here and there in the past and quite a lot of certain vegetables but this week was the first one where we had a half decent quantity of a range of veg.

This weeks harvest

This selection contained some carrot thinnings which whilst being very small tasted very carroty so we are now really looking forward to the main harvest. One decent sized Beetroot and some onion thinnings which we generally have been treating like spring onions.We also had a number of Green Plums because I took some poorly looking branches of our ‘wild’ plum and these were attached to them, I don’t want to just throw them away but I have got to find a way of using them, any ideas?

Most importantly in this group was our First Ever Potato harvest! This is the first tie we have tried growing them and admittedly started them a bit late as these were a 50p reduced price pack at our local B and Q so we thought we might as well give them a go. We are looking forward to the next two barrels of them 🙂


We have been slowly picking a few berries here and there from the one raspberry cane that we have and the blackberries growing into the garden from the train line behind.


On Monday I thinned out our beetroots in both the bed and the “window box”, you can see the difference in size in the foliage if not the actual “bulb” size.


More Onion thinnings, the white ones are definitely doing better than the red ones which is annoying as we tend to use more red than white but, oh well any is good.


and finally a few lone Broad Beans from our three small plants, these have always been struggling and are never going to give a great harvest…

Broad beans


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