Abstract Maxi Skirt

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When looking for a dress to wear to a wedding the other week I had a very limited time to find something so ended up with an “If I cant find anything else” dress which was nice but didn’t really flatter me (and part of it was not on the grain properly which bugged me), but knowing that I might not be able to find anything else I bought it and kept my fingers crossed I might find something else. Thankfully I did, the day before the wedding! So my Maxi Dress was relegated to the ‘To Modify’ pile where it got a surprisingly quick turn around.

I cut the offending ruffle off the top of the dress at the waist line, removing the elastic that gave the dress a little bit of shape.

Absract Dress
I then made a simple waist band from thick black elastic that I use for almost all my waistbands (I now have a reel of it so it is always there when I need it)

Absract Skirt 1

Sewing the elastic right side to right side with a small zig-zag stitch.

 Absract Skirt 2

Absract Skirt 3

I then finished the inside of the seam allowance on the serger ( I have to use the blade up at the moment as it is playing up when you try and use it down, I think it might have to go and see the doctor soon)

Absract Skirt 4

Voila one skirt from a rather unflattering Primark dress (strapless ruffle tops do not flatter my figure…)

Absract Skirt 5

Here is the skirt modeled the other day and I did actually wear it all day despite doing some gardening and cleaning the gutters! But the first day I wore it i found it was very clingy so made myself a ‘slip’ to go under it from white viscose (what has to be my favorite fabric) and now it feels/hangs much better when worn.


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