It’s been a while…

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Well I didn’t realise it had been so long since I last posted. The time has really flown by recently. 
I’ve been busy with lots of things at work and at home including repainting my lounge, learning to drive and taking over as the President of the Ballroom and Latin dance society at university. 

But it should give me lots of things to write about in a bit.

As a bit of a teaser of some of the things to come here is a photo for the in-progress lounge redecoration. Lots of lovely coloured paints!

Lots of paints!
And after putting it off for years and years I finally got around to actually learning to drive and passing my test (first time thankfully!) So now I have so much more freedom to go places and the ability to transport things around! I can’t wait to be able to get things from DIY stores to my house without having to get things online and get them delivered. 
Time for freedom!

I am actually a little bit ridiculously excited about getting a car and being able to put things in it. =) I have a few ideas for crafting projects for my car as well which should be exciting.

Will hopefully get more some things posted up here soon, unfortunately the tablet app for Blogger is less than wonderful so I have to use a desktop, but I will just have to set aside some time.



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