Spring Top Sew Along

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I am planning to participate in Made By Rae’s Spring Top SewAlong and  if you have been following my instagram you will know that I have already got started on this project. 

I have been busy modifying my Renfrew Pattern to try and get rid of the annoying creases that sit under my arms a bit like darts… I have finally got a fit I am almost 100% happy with. It still has some fit issues but I have noticed that some of my RTW tops have the same issues so I can live with it for the moment. But most importantly of all they have much deeper arm scyes which gives me more movement and leaves me feeling a lot less sweaty during the day.

I’m Currently planning a few hacks for this pattern to create some nice additions to my wardrobe of items I will actually wear. Bring on the Cake.

Also earlier in the month I drafted myself a peasant style blouse which has been made up in a few different incarnations. 
Once I get reunited with Nicola and my Camera and we have some nice weather I will hopefully have some nice pictures of these to show off. 


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