Getting the Creative Juices Flowing Again

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Having been out of the country for last winter living with a very limited set of clothes (living out of my bag for nearly 6 months) and then once back home I spent a lot of the summer here and there with sailing so more living out of bags I have been enjoying the Winter and getting to wear a selection of different clothes and nice snugly jumpers. Being used to very limited space and surroundings and lack of a sewing machine (although I did get to use one a few times) during my sailing I have got out of the habit of making things and I’m trying to get back into that.

Recently I have made a few things

Both this Top and Skirt for Our Nationals at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool
This skirt is an attempt to copy one I have which needs replacing as it is falling apart. (Still needs a waist band)

These have all been for dancing so I am attempting to plan some more sewing that is not dance related as the Uni comps have stopped for the year. 

Soon after I first came back Nikki and I started designing a dress for a friend of ours and when trying to find the correct colour and weight of fabrics we started collecting samples, from this I started collating the ones we have in a book and noting down what they had been used for (or what they were earmarked for).

The First Samples Added
Look out for some of these to pop up in projects in the near future

These were the samples for the Dress

Well I am happy to say that the book has evolved since then and I am using it to design and review patterns that I am going to do. 

Designing a Practice dress based on the Teal Coloured lace.

This one has the drawing stuck in from another book which I can fit in my handbag and was drawn/designed in Costa on the way to the Fabric store so that I could work out how much I needed to buy!

Designing a standard top, and a sample of the fabric.

This one was designed to take up a small amount of fabric but still have some flow over the shoulders. Trying to fit the designs in to the fabric I still have available sometimes produced some interesting results but this one is nice. 

I also have that material in a pink colour way too, possibly for a Latin top to go with the new skirt. 

Heres to more designing and sewing.

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