Food I have made: Photopost!

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Well I was sorting through some of my photos and I found lots of photos of food that I have made many of them don’t currently have recipes photos so I thought I would post them here and then the next time I make them I will try to take photos of the process so I can post the recipes and instructions as well.

Fruit tart with creme passtiere and glaze
Banoffee Pie
Chocolate krispy cakes made for a christmas party so we made them look like mini xmas puddings

Sugar cookies decorated for Christmas
Bakewell tart – non iced version

Berry pie with creme patissiere

Kiwi and chocolate mini tarts
A selection of tray bakes including chocolate brownies,
chocolate krispy cakes, coconut fruit slice and fruit cake

And now I have a new addition to my kitchen….

So I should have lots of fun making new recipes much quicker. Looking forward to trying lots of new things out!

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