A Photo a day May {Week 1}

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Well I am attempting the Photo a day challenge again:
My last attempt at this didn’t go so well but hopefully I will be better this time!
Day 1: Peace. Inscription on a bench outside the ruins of the
Merchant Navy church in Southampton. 
Day 2 {Skyline} is missing as of yet as it has not stopped raining here…

Day 3: Something I wore. A Jumper upcycled to be prettier
using Lace trim
Day 4: Something Fun. Modified jumper for Nikki 😀
Makes me jealous I wish I had one now 🙁

Day 5: Bird. Sorry this isn’t a great photo.
When at my favorite cafe there was a hen
party going on and they had this amazing balloon.  

Day 6: You. A sneaky pic of me showing off my new belt and
home made necklace. 😀 

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