New Years Resolution

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Ok so I might be a little behind the times with a new years resolution. Although it is still January (just!)…
I am here to say that I have failed a little bit on keeping updating this blog regularly. But I am resolving to keep it going this year. One of my resolutions is to post in here more regularly. Im not going to try and post every day or anything like that as I know it will only last a short length of time if I do that. 
But I will try and keep posting regularly.
Other New years resolutions:
Keep my space more tidy/organised.
Keep in touch with family more.
Have a more regular fitness regime.
Take more care of my skin and hair.
Work Hard for the things I want and don’t just accept things the way they are.
There are plenty more but these are the ones I’m planning on working on.

Happy Chinese New Year 


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