What a crazy week…

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This week has been one of my craziest recently.
Sunday I trained for a couple of hours in the evening then caught up with one of my friends from back when I started Uni (over 5 years ago!) who is back in town (and more importantly not working every waking moment of the day!).
Monday I trained and helped out at the beginners lesson.
Tuesday more training.
Wednesday: during the afternoon I made a skirt for one of the girls to wear for the competition. We had a 2 hour lesson in the evening and I decided that I was not punishing myself enough at the competition and so would add an extra dance to my load. I agreed to dance rumba with one of our beginner girls and so we both had to learn a whole new dance and routine!
Thursday a few hours practice today a 4hour stint in the library with horrendous physics text books and then caught up with friends again.
Friday, the night before the competition! A 6 hour slog in the library a 4 hour practice session then home to sort out everything for the big day!

Saturday, The big day, arriving at Uni  bit before 8:30 to find the room we are using half full of bales of straw!! Apparently there had been a barn dance there the night before and it hadnt been cleaned before we got our hand on it. A slight shock to the system but thankfully was rectified before the competition was supposed to start, but not until after one of the other Uni’s had arrived, much to their confusion …

Here are a few photos of my and my partner, they are not very good quality as I do not have the originals at the moment and anyone who has taken more than a few photos knows how hard it is to take photos inside of fast moving people :p

My Latin skirt getting some proper use!


The skirt my partner is wearing I also made 😀


Nice to find a photo where I look Like I’m enjoying myself not just concentrating hard!


An idea of how much make up and hair spray we had on, you an see my eye shadow on this one :p


Our wonderful team. For the team match at the end everyone gets to put on the proper professional dresses and dance for the Uni, it produces a pretty photo like this at the end!

Sunday, a day off I hear you suggest… Not a chance :p I went sailing…
I was supposed to be going racing but as we were setting up for the start disaster struck and the mainsail halyard snapped and stopped all thought of sailing for the rest of the day. So a 6:30 start on Sunday to see all the other boats start the race, not too bad I suppose :p


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