A New Start For Me

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Everyone see’s New Years Day as the time to start new things.
Or the beginning of spring to work on that bikini body ready for summer.
Well Monday the 3rd of October is when I’m kicking off my new healthy habit.


I would love somewhere like this to get fit


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Recently I have gone through some tough times, I split up with my boyfriend which and of my close friends will tell you hit me very hard. At the same time fell ill again and had to miss an amazing sailing event and my Grandad’s 90th Birthday! Sad times 🙁
On top of all of this I graduated Uni this summer and all of my friends have split off in different directions, for PhDs at Cambridge and Oxford, and even New York! Another is currently residing in Bermuda! A few have stayed in Southampton and a few in Guildford which is close enough to make you feel you should be able to see them and far enough away to make it awkward to!

So I have come up with a list to try and improve things. I am announcing it here so that maybe I will stick to it better than just telling myself!

  1. So my promise to myself is to start eating more healthily,
  2. and make more of my own food.
  3. Eat earlier in the evening.
  4. Sleep Longer
  5. Do some form of execerise each day.
  6. See/Talk to my friends more often
  7. Keep my space tidier.
I went for a run yesterday, just to the end of the park and back, which is just at the end of my road. So not a long run, but just something to say I had done it.Motivation:

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Running really isnt my thing, I just got bored and started walking. Im going to need headphones and a decent running playlist I think to get me through this.

I might have to make something like this to get me through, to maybe not crocheted
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