Jewellery Holder How To.

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Edit: Unfortunately all the images seem to have disappeared from this post. I will try to find them again if I can.
Here is the tutorial on how to make a jewellery holder like the one I made last week and use to photograph my new items. 
I made this with an unused IKEA photo frame but you could use any kind of frame. All you need is the frame and the backing that came with it. I now have two glass pieces which I have to find a use for. 
This could be good to use a frame with a broken front. 
1) What I used:
Old wooden photo frame from IKEA, with plastic fronting removed. 
Wadding, a leftover scrap from a previous quilt project. 
Decorative cotton for the top layer. This can be plain if you wish.
I also used a second layer of white material as the top layer is quite thin but this is optional.
You also need spray glue, scissors and tape.
2) Cut the materials to size.  I did about 2″ on the long sides and about 1″ on the ends. The wadding was a precut size as it was a scrap but did give me enough room to play with. (Just!)
Neatly laid out in order…
3) Spray the card or wood backing with glue:
 Place this on top of the wadding. Centring it correctly.
4) Spray the wadding and place the cotton over it making sure to smooth it out:
 Repeat with the top material:
5) Cut the wadding close to the card backing to reduce bulk on the back:
Neatly trimmed.
6)  Spray excess fabric on one edge and fold over so that it is held against the backing. Here I use the masking tape to hold it in place whilst the glue sets other wise it has a tendency to flap open again:
Repeat with the other side. Here I had to cut a slit for the support but if you are planning to hang the frame then this isn’t important:
To reduce the bulk at the corners I cut the material at 45degree angle before folding the ends down:
At the end you will have something that looks vaguely like this:
 and from the front:
7) Now squeeze the covered plate back in to the frame being careful to have the bits of metal which secure it in place folded out far enough that they dont get trapped. 
It will be a tight squeeze because of the extra thickness of the wadding but this helps to keep it in place.
Fold the pins back into place. 
 From the front:
8) Add jewellery and ENJOY!
A number of people use these by feeding their earrings into the material but a number of my earrings are super blunt (meaning they dont damage my ears as much 😀 ) so I prefer to place a number of pins into the board and use these to heng the earrings on. 
This also means that it is possible for me to hang different jewellery such as necklaces and rings:
To put the pins in you need to pierce the material and then angle them almost vertically to pass between the material and the backing board. If you put them in at too blunt and angle the tip just tries to dig into the cardboard. 
I hope this makes sense to you all and is useful 😀 
Just ask if you have any queries.


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