Lego Cake!

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So it’s been a very long time since I have posted… Mainly because I have been very busy and I haven’t had the time to organise photos for posts about things I have made previously but also because I haven’t really done that much new stuff to post about…

However this cake that I made recently was definitely worth posting about. It was a birthday in my research group recently, and I was talking about what sort of cake to make and someone suggested that I should do a Lego cake… Now I have never really done much in the way of moulded cakes/icing work before beyond the normal piping work on cakes and decoration on a christmas cake, so this was definitely going to be something new. But we had been doing a project that involved the use of Lego so I thought a lego cake would be a pretty cool thing to do if I could pull it off.

To start with I thought, “maybe i’ll just do some cupcakes with lego brick toppers”, so to amazon I go, and then I come across a whole variety of brick moulds, lego person moulds and even one that looks like it might be cake sized… So with a bit of encouragement from other people in my group I purchase the moulds and go in search of copious amounts of coloured modelling icing (another thing I have never really made from scratch).

Well the moulds turned up, and there were quite a few different sizes to choose from, the largest one did indeed look cake sized (just about) but required some very creative supports to make it sit flat so the cake mix would actually be level…



I decided to get started with a few lego block toppers and some were fairly successful, others not so much. I even got some coconut oil spray as I thought it would help release from the mould, but in general I didn’t really need it.


Some of them came out quite well… Some of them came out quite badly… and had to be remodelled…


But after a bit of work I had a batch of successful lego bricks in a variety of colours (I did do a few other blocks after this, but this was most of them). Some were made by making a 2×4 block and then cutting it in half, but most were just made in the 2×2 mould as even though I only had one of them, they tended to come out of that mould better.

I wasn’t really sure how the cake itself was going to come out, but then again with the amount of icing I was planning on putting on it, it probably wouldn’t matter too much… But I made up a simple Madeira cake mix as I thought that would take the weight of the icing okay and put it into the cake mould. To start with I made a half batch, but it didn’t fill the case, so I had to go and make some more once after I’d half filled the mould… whoops



At least once I had done that the cake mix was sitting level in the mould, some my baking beads/cupcake moulds had done the trick to hold it up.



The cake took a lot longer than I expected, but I just had to keep checking the centre, part way through its stomach just started exploding, and by the time I took it out of the oven it looked slightly like a volcano…


I levelled out (mostly) the cake and then flipped it over ready for the icing! Time to get out the icing tools which I have rarely used, at least now when Pippa moans about them I have actually used them recently!


The head and hands of the lego man were iced in yellow, since we are a science office I wanted to try and do something sciencey so he is dressed in a lab coat. Under his lab coat I put a blue shirt though.

The yellow icing is shaped for the head and cut and folded to go under the head, but here it just looks like the head is melting…


Then I added the shirt (although I only did the bits that would be visible)


The hands were done in a similar way to the head, moulding the yellow over the ‘hand’ and the wrist. You can also see the collar here and the detailing on the shirt buttons.


Then it’s time for the trousers. Black naturally… These were moulded around the bottom of the hands so the hands appeared to be on top.


The lab coat was applied in a few stages the first bit was to mould each arm on. The hardest bit was getting the wrists to look right wi.


Then the main part of the lab coat was added (complete with tiny ‘stitched’ pocket). Now you can properly see the shirt through the neck of the lab coat


Then the lab coat was moulded around the shoulder and arms, and cut and moulded around the hands so they appear to be on top.


Detailing was added to the front of the coat, and extra panels along the sides of the legs to continue the coat (which you can see in the next photo)


The only thing remaining then was to add the detailing to his face.

And so I present to you…

Dr. Block!



And then I made sure to make some blocky minions to accompany him in the form of cupcakes with the lego block toppers. (I did think afterwards that I should have made mini lego men for the cupcake toppers, but they were quite difficult to make nicely).



We actually ended up only eating the cupcakes in the office as my supervisor took home Dr.Block so that he could show his children. I have yet to find out what they thought of it… but everyone else definitely appreciated it.


I think he is super cute though and I am very happy with my first real attempt at moulding icing. I do however have lots of leftover icing now, so my second attempt might have to happen sooner rather than later…




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  1. Nikki Post author

    Thank you. It does always seem to go down well whenever I make cake for the office and they get eaten very quickly. This time I even got an email afterwards to say thank you for making such a special cake. 🙂

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