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Back in the Swing of Things…

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Life is slowly getting back to normal.  Having got back from ship on Saturday evening I was kept up late by Nikki trying to sort out dresses for her next 3 balls! Then up early on Sunday to go racing, thankfully the wind kept up and meant that we had a decent race (so it was worth it).  Then a… Read more »


Still here

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Well what can I say, I’m still alive. Sorry I haven’t been in communication much but I have had very limited internet sat in the back and beyond of Liverpool’s dock system / at the end of their cruise terminal pontoon. I am back in the land of the living now but omg what crazy weather are we having! We… Read more »


Busy times ahead.

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Ah it seems my work has decided to catch up on me. =( I’ve got a massive project due in next week and so much left to on it. So unfortunately the blog might not get very many posts until it’s done. But then after that I have a couple of exciting balls to go to. So that should be… Read more »


Technical issues

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The blog apears to be experiencing technical issues at the moment and not displaying photos properly… They do exist I promise you. But I am also experiencing problems with my +1 photos so I’m hoping its a small issue from Google… But for now if you are looking for the OWOP photos they are also uploaded onto our Facebook page, which has… Read more »


Another Competition

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The last few days have been quite busy. I ahve been working to get some literature ready for an exhibition which was going on today and Nikki and I have been preparing for another competition which is happening tomorrow. We are meeting at University at 8:15 tomorrow morning to head to Bristol for their Uni Competition.  It will be nice… Read more »


Weekend Round Up – Part II (competing and home time)

After a mad dash to get prepared in time we finally got in to the venue which itself  is a good enough reason to go there: The dancing was split up into two halls other wise we would have been there all weekend. The Empress ballroom was the main venue: and the Spanish Hall contained the Beginners and Ex-Students: The… Read more »