2021 Sewing Plans

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I have been in the habit of doing a Make Nine plan at the beginning of the year partly because I love a good list, but it also helps me to think about the things that I want to make so I don’t get too distracted throughout the year. I am normally quite flexible with the patterns but this year I have already allocated a pattern to all but one of my choices and I think I will actually follow through with most of them.

I have fallen down a stationery rabbit hole at the beginning of this year and so have been finding any excuse to use my fountain pens and new bottled ink, so I drew out my plans this year instead of just using photographs. But I think this does help me to visualise them as they are now painted in roughly the right colour as well…

Pietra Pants:

I have really been lacking in warm bottoms this winter, I routinely wear a pair of leggings under my trousers or wear my fleece-lined work trousers, but they are not a great cut to wear without a belt, so I think that more warm trousers are a very good place to start. I already have one pair of wool blend Pietra’s and pull them out all the time so I think it is time for another pair. I will size down this time as I ended up having to take quite a bit out of my last two pairs. I have some blue micro-check woven fabric for these which has a rust coloured line in it, which fits nicely into my current wardrobe colours

Stellan Tee:

I already have one of these in my wardrobe in blue and white striped fabric which is really nice and I think some more might be a good idea, I am currently moving away from the fitted T-shirts that I wore all the time a few years ago. I need to adjust the shoulder slope on this pattern a bit to make them slope a bit more, then I think it might become a tried and tested pattern. I have some thick viscose in bottle green for this next version, but I am sure I will find some more fabric as the year goes on.

Pietra Shorts:

Yes another pair of Pietra’s, I think they are a really nice pattern and versatile with the elasticated back. I am planning on making these with the leftover fabric from making my bomber jacket for Matt and Lottie’s wedding to give myself a nice summer outfit, even if I am not going to have anywhere to wear it. The Stellan tee will probably match these for a nice casual look.

Baz Jacket:

I tried to do this one at the end of last year but it is going to take a bit of pattern Tetris to fit it in, and I am going to have to reduce the width of the lapels I think which isn’t a bad thing tbh. I have a mustard velvet curtain from Ikea that I want to make this out of and line it with some fleece from a cheap blanket that my grandmother had some jersey for the arm lining. I am aiming to use this in place of my dressing gown, that has seen far too much use this year, for wearing around the house once I have dressed but need another layer.

Denali Vest:

We are not even going to consider how many years this has been on my list of things to make, I have the pattern printed and cut, wool outer fabric and wool batting purchased I just haven’t put them together yet… But this one is a lot more urgent this year as my gilet that I use regularly is starting to show signs of disintegrating, the fabric has got a shine to it on the front and the yoke pleather is falling to pieces.

Peppermint Button Up Dress:

I made one of these last year and wore it a bit during the summer, unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to my fabric before cutting it and the stretch ran down the length of the fabric rather than from selvedge to selvedge so this dress has the stretch in the vertical axis! This has not prevented me from wearing it but I am looking to make another in a hard-wearing canvas type material and hopefully to naturally dye it a lovely rust colour. Theoretically, I should be able to get this colour from the garden but I have yet to achieve it so cross your fingers for me.

Mel Joggers:

I have some lovely recycled sweatshirting from Tia Knight for these, the question is going to be if I can fit them into 1m or if I am going to have to order more. I haven’t made these before, I don’t know if I have even printed the pattern yet but I should probably start these early on so I get the most use out of them this year… I have some ribbing that I can use as well if I decided that I want ribbed cuffs or waistband.

Scrappy Sweatshirt:

This design is a work in progress but I have quite a few sweatshirt scraps so I want to use them to create a ‘patchwork’ jumper, I think this will loosely be based off the geodesic sweater but I think that the patches might end up being different sizes depending upon the sizes of the scraps that I have. I also don’t want too many seams in it so I’ll try and maximise the size of the pieces. Don’t hold your breath on this one…

Amari Sweater:

I loved the Amari when it first came out, it is certainly the right thing for January and gives me wonderful 90’s vibes (in a good way). I might downsize this though to give a less slouchy oversized fit, but it probably depends on what fabric I find to make it out of. I’m sure I’ll have something in my stash…


10 thoughts on “2021 Sewing Plans

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thank you. It’s the kind of drawing that I like, essentially it’s just copying
      If the jumper works out there might be more in the works

  1. tialys

    Love the way you’ve drawn your plans. I was going to say I’ve made the Peppermint button up dress but I don’t remember the pattern being for stretch fabrics – I made mine in a cream and beige striped linen. Maybe I’m thinking of a different one.

    1. Pippa Post author

      No your right out of designed for wovens. This was a woven that had some stretch in it. I had planned to use it across the width but didn’t pay attention ‍♀️

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