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So now that I am starting to get back into the hibernating/craftathon stage of the year (Ie Autumn/winter) I am starting to plan out the things that I want to make. Some for me and some for presents for Christmas, yes I said that word, because if I want to make everything again this year I need to start soon!
Here are some of the things that are going to factor in my making plans this A/W alongside some other projects that I can’t publicise yet.


Aran Pullover:

I mentioned about this in my summer recap, I have started the knitting for this but still need to do some calculations for the body of the jumper before I get too far along. Also the raglan decreases are going to be a bit of a challenge to calculate as I am considering designing them so that they have a bit more of a contour to them and they are not just straight diagonals.

Aran Pullover Sleeve

I am up to the underarm on one sleeve so far and loving the look of the fabric after blocking.
This sleeve didn’t take too long to knit but it is a bit of a mission to knit all that honeycomb knitting.
The bottom of the sleeve has three different pattern repeats going on. With a 4, 5 and 6 row pattern repeat it required a lot of note taking to keep up.

Icelandic Yoked Jumper:

I am considering making two Icelandic style jumpers this winter, one for me and one as a present. I have been wearing my Riddari jumper a lot over the winter but I want one that has a much darker base colour. I have been working on some different colour combinations for the yoke designs but I think that I am going to have to get some new colours to improve the contrast etc.

I have started a swatch for one of the yoke colour combinations and had to change out the background colour after only a few rows as I found that it really didn’t have enough contrast.

I am thinking that I need to find a different colour green for the contrast and/or use red for the high contrast. Or I might just scrap this colour pallet altogether and start again.
I need to see if I can source a colour swatch card for lettlopi wool…

I think this is the base design but the greens don’t pop anywhere near as much as I would like them to. And surprisingly the orange seems to pop too much considering it looks quite muted on my previous yoke against the grey.


At the moment I am struggling to get motivation to sew tbh. I think it’s just the shift in seasons and not being in the habit of being able to sew. I have still been knitting a crocheting over the summer so spending more time doing this now that I have more time seems normal where as I haven’t really sewn anything since the beginning of the summer.

I do have a number of things in my mind to sew but currently I am trying to reduce my impact on the planet and this is making me think about my consumption as a sewists so I will probably be mostly making from fabrics I already own.

Zero waste things:

As I try and reduce my impact I am thinking about zero waste concepts like taking cutlery with me and using fabric napkins instead of paper. I am going to look at updating a load of napkins that I recently inherited. I might bleach them white again then try some natural dying on them (I am assuming they are cotton because of their age) and possibly experiment with some of the decorative stitches on my machine. I can’t remember who inspired this at the moment.

I am also thinking about cutting up some old towels and binding them to use in place of kitchen paper. Currently I don’t really use kitchen paper mostly because I keep forgetting to buy it and just use tea towels in its place but it might be nice to have some slightly more absorbent fabric for a change.



I am planning to sew a blazer over this winter. I will have to buy new fabric for this. I am thinking a jade/emerald green stretch woven fabric for a (probably) unlined jacket, this is going to need to have sleeves that are wide enough to fit over a jumper. I think this will look great with my new Aran pullover once it’s finished.

I might go for the Jasika blazer from closet case patterns, but am still going to have a look at what there is and maybe raid my old burda stash if I’m feeling brave.

Pyjamas :

Last Christmas I made all of the “kids” pyjama bottoms for us to wear on “Christmas Day” this year I want to make a top to go with mine. I have a burda pattern already lined up for it but an alternative would be the closet case patterns Carolyn pyjamas. I also need to mend my light weight pyjama that I made last summer.

Body warmer:

I have an old H&M body warmer that I tend to wear pretty much all the time from October onwards whilst it is still perfectly useable it has picked up some staining on the from and the pleather yoke has started to crack so I am looking to replace it with a home made one. I have had the wool to do this with for a couple of years now and even printed the pattern out earlier in the year.


I need to make up some winter shorts, thinking wool and a little larger waisted than normal so that I can fit thick tights/ leggings under them. I have some fabric from the sewisfaction/sew Hayley Jane pop up destined for this.

I also need to make some more leggings, after perfecting my leggings pattern earlier in the year when I made my “stylish thermals” I need more pairs in various colours and textures to be worn to be seen. My pattern was adapted from Fehr Trade’s Sew your own active wear book and are now very high waisted which is the most comfortable for me.

I am also thinking I need some more trousers having made closet case patterns Sasha trousers twice now I think I need a few more pairs of these, my first pair are super comfortable but the fabric is a bit thin and I have already had to repair them… And my second pair I didn’t quite modify the pattern enough to take into account that the fabric was thicker and stiffer.


In addition to these plans I also have some other small projects that I need to get done.

Underwear: I think it’s about time to add some more underwear to the home made pile. Some of my fancier store bought undies are not actually that comfortable and so I might retire them and make some more of my own design which I find super comfortable. A design based on seamwork Geneva

Gift bags: Trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce especially at Christmas we changed to using fabric gift bags instead of paper last year and we will probably need some more this year, and to reduce the amount of panic sewing in December I am going to start making some with some of the cotton’s that we have in the stash.


7 thoughts on “Autumn Plans – Pippa

  1. tialys

    You’re so organised. I have the feeling Christmas will be upon me before I’ve had time to think too much about it.
    I started to make my own knickers once and bought lots of pretty elastic for edging but my first pair was a bit of a failure so I sort of gave up. Maybe it’s time to give it another shot. Life is too short, however, to make my own bras – I like/need wired ones so I’ll leave that to the experts.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol writing a list doesn’t mean that I will actually do anything on the list but hopefully it will help.
      See I really don’t like underwired bras anymore and wear a sports bra pretty much all the time these days. I have made one before but need to make some more I think.

  2. Kim

    Good planning. I’ve been ‘thinking’ about Autumn makes, and a little bit about Christmas but that’s as far as it’s got.
    Your Aran sweater is looking good so far!

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks ☺️ in Def going to need some other projects to keep my interest whilst I finish knitting it though

  3. Dartmoor Yarns

    A lovely comprehensive plan. Look forward to watching your progress. The kitchen towel plan is interesting. Loving the yummy knitting. As for making your own knickers, you’re a saint!


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