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When Nikki talked about making a 30 before 30 list it got me thinking, I have already passed that milestone but that kind of thing a bit more of more ‘instant’ Bucket List was probably a good idea. So I set about thinking about what I would put on it and what kind of time frame would be good for it. So I have come up with the 35 before 35 list which gives me a little over 3 years to get the ‘tasks’ done. I say tasks as some of them are tasks, I decided to create a list with a mix of bucket list kind of ideas, go to Iceland, creative projects, making a quilt, and some more “life admin” tasks, making a will…

35 before 35 bucket list style list.
All list items are in the text below

Some of the ideas on here seem to feature on every newyear resolution I have ever made, sorting old photos anyone…, but some are new ideas for this list. But ones that have been in the back of my mind for a while. I don’t know if I will actually compleat all of these, and as you will spot there are a few blank spaces left to enable me to add some more plans as my life evolves over the next 3 years…

1: Organise Old Photos
2: Print out Photos
3: Hang my own art on walls
4: Investigate M. Rhodes
5: Do an Embroidery Piece
6: Take a Pottery Class
7: Try Wood Turning
8: Be Confident Using DSLR in Manual
9: Make a Quilt
10: Sew two Coats
11: Make a fitted collared Shirt
12: Make a Jumper on my Knitting Machine
13: Make a Pair of Shoes
14: Have a 90% Me-Made Wardrobe
15: “Downsize” My possessions
16: Maintain a Veg Garden for at least 1 year
17: Serve a completely me-made dinner party
18: Write a Will
19: Get Driving Licence
20: Get Yachtmaster Ticket
21: Have a Spa Weekend
22: Visit all 15 National Parks
23: Canoe a Section of the Dart
24: Holiday on IOW
25: See up Helly Aa
26: Write up Travel Memoirs
27: Visit More European Countries
28: Relearn French
29: Go to Iceland
30: See Tivoli Winter Gardens
31: Personal
32: TBD
33: TBD
34: TBD
35: TBD

The first section covers the crafty persuits. First and foremost in there is sort old photos as this is always something that is on my list as with most of us these days I have thousands of photos sitting on old CD’s and harddrives in various places. I have no art on my walls at the moment and really need to rectify that soon. There are a number of different types of crafts that I would love to have a go at and some long term making goals that influenced this section.

The life admin section is fairly self explanatory and those things that I feel I need to acheive to reach adult status, what ever that actually is. *Secretly I’m kind hoping never to reach that point…

The “Travel” section is more of those kind of bucket list ideas, although I have tried to put a bit of thought into those which have been long term goals and not just plucked some out of other peoples bucket lists for this list. Although I did come up with a few new ones for this list but they are doable ones…

The last section is the blank section when writing this I was aware that I would be announcing all of these wishes to the internet so there is one there that I have decided to keep hidden (for the moment at least) and some more that are To Be Decided. I struggled to come up with 35 things that I wanted to do that I didn’t feel were me just trying to come up with ideas for the sake of it. But I realised that it was ok to leave some space to change my mind, this list is going to span a bit over 3 years so I am sure that my bucket list ideas will change in that time. Who knows in 2 years time, get some sleep might be on there…

Do you have a bucket list? If so what is on there? Do Tell…


7 thoughts on “35 Before 35

  1. Dartmoor Yarns

    Great idea to put a mix of tasks and fun things. Undone tasks sap so much energy getting them done really boosts you.
    I haven’t go a bucket list, but when i was ill last year and it looked as if it might be something that would seriously affect the quality of my life the only thing I was sad about that I wouldn’t be able to have another dog! Thankfully as you know I’m actually fine, but it’s an interesting thought process to have been through and maybe I should review what I might like to add to a bucket list.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Aww yeah I can imagine that would focus the mind. Glad your still able to have another dog
      Maybe having a think and writing up some ideas for a bucket list would be good. Even if it’s not one that you finalise and stick rigidly to, the thought process is interesting and does make you consider what it is your really want to do.
      I don’t think I could achieve my list of it was all fun things as they tend to take up so much more time and planning. Maybe for my next one I’ll just have fun things

  2. Kim

    I’m just about to reach 60 and Did start a list of things I wanted to achieve. I couldn’t think of 60 (probably a good thing) but have started on some. The nice thing about this is that it forces you to focus on what is important to you.
    Good luck with your list!

    1. Pippa Post author

      Lol 60 things might keep you occupied for a while. You’d Def have to add some easy to achieve ones.
      Yes focusing on what you really want to do is good.

  3. tialys

    Great idea – although I’m not one for lists myself, apart from for shopping.
    I have to ask. Who is M. Rhodes and why does he/she need investigating? Do you suspect them of a crime? Best leave it to the professionals. 😉


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