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Despite publishing my #MakeNine list on Instagram I never got round to putting anything up here and have generally been very lax about writing blog posts lately. It seems that I have been struggling for motivation for both creating content for the blog and for creating in general. Since finishing sewing Christmas presents I have sewn the sum total of two items, both in the last few days! And only knitted two sleeves. For some reason, the want to actually get in front of the machine has just not been there, but hopefully, we have turned a corner now and I will actually get round to both blogging about some of my old makes and new plans, and actually making some items that will really fit in my wardrobe.

I think this has been part of my mental block on sewing, I am trying to reduce the frivolous sewing that doesn’t actually add anything to my life. Those makes that seemed like the best thing ever when they were being thought up but that just end up sitting there in the back of the cupboard (or being honest here, 99% finished on the side of the sewing room!). One of my overall goals for the next few years is to reduce the amount of stuff that I own (Ironic since I have pretty much just added a whole fully kitted out kitchens worth of stuff to my house, but I inherited that…) And one way that I am aiming to do that is to really streamline my wardrobe making stuff that I really need, that is hard wearing and works well together. Basically an expanded capsule wardrobe. There are soo many complications that mean a traditional capsule wardrobe wouldn’t work for my lifestyle but I essentially need 3 or 4 different capsules that fit different needs (and reside in different counties) but that work together.

With that in mind, I made up a MakeNine grid but a few weeks later I also made up a #UseNine grid to try to prompt myself into thinking about the fabrics that I already have in my stash.

Pippa's Make Nine grid

Row 1:
1 Seamwork Elli top as a nice simple Base Layer. I see many of these in my future if they fit nicely – I am looking foward to making this pattern work. I will be on the look out for some different fabrics to make it out of too…
2 Leggings: An unknown pattern as of yet but probably from the SYOAW book by fehrtrade. Lycra first then hopefully some nice warm material in conjunction with the Elli top for classy thermals – I really need to prioritise this one as I wear leggings under just about everything, including my jeans, daily. But goodness if I don’t spend the entire day shifting them around. I have found that if I wear a waist band of the leggins that is a bit too tight around my waist that I get back pain! So hopefully drafting my own pair might make a big difference to that, I’m planning on trying a yoga style waistband.
3 A nice “going out” top. Possibly a blouse with a lace yoke. Pattern undecided. Undoubtedly a hack of a few things. – The hard part of this plan would be finding fabric and lace that are of a matching colour, or choosing an overall lace fabric and a lining for the main body. hmm descisions. Realistically I want a couple of tops that fit this category so there is room for a few plans…

Row 2:
1 The Rumana coat from by hand London for the second year in a row this features on my #makenine, but as I have gained a nice coat from my late grandfather’s wardrobe it might get pushed back again. We will see if the new acquisition works or not.  – So currently I have been wearing the new coat quite a bit but it is definitely not quite right so this is still in play. I just need to source some good navy coat fabric. and pluck up the courage to cut that pattern out!
2 low rise stretch Ginger jeans as my current pair are too high waisted and just don’t get worn enough – Plan one is to try lowering the waistband on my current pair and then making a second pair in black stretch fabric, but finding the fabric is going to be the hard part here I think.
3 an everyday blazer/ light jacket this is something that I don’t wear currently but am looking to add to my wardrobe. Ideas greatly received – So I with this in mind I wore my bright coral blazer out to dinner the other day and I can def see a place for a somewhat less flourescent colour in my wardrobe. I have just got to work out what colour and fabric…

Row 3: my most ambitious knitting goals yet:
1 cable cardigan. I have the wool for this and once I finish this post in going to start swatching. Not 100% sure of the pattern yet. It’s going to change as I knit it I expect. – So I have started this and am two sleeves into the knitting and still haven’t got a pattern! So far I know it’s drop shoulder and I have finalised the main cable pattern, I’m still finalising my thoughts on the collar, I had been planning a big shawl collar but I’m not sure how practical that would be for everyday wear…
2 An aran pullover. This is my second large knitting project for me and both are replacing heavily worn items in my wardrobe. Again pattern unknown. – I am soo looking foward to this one, but might choose to follow a pattern (maybe, I’m not sure if I can actually do that, ever apparently). The choice of wool is going to be important here, as I want it to be warm but not to be a depths of winter only garment. I anticipate I will have to use some form of wool blend.
3 a belated Christmas present for one of my cousins. Pattern to be decided. I have put Riddari in here as I think it is so versatile and my one was the prompt to initiate the idea. But we will see what images he comes up with as inspiration. – I have been wearing my Riddari pretty much constantly since about mid November. Now that I have managed to soften it up a bit it is so versatile, I think that I am going to have to knit myself another one with a darker base colour (not light grey!) so there might be two of these in the works before next winter…

Obviously this is not an extensive list of what I am going to make over the year, but I think it is a good framework to start planning out some of the bigger makes. I have had to include some knitting in there as for about 6 months of the year I am not able to get infront of my sewing machine and need a portable project. Although setting myself the task of three jumpers this year might be a little ambitious. One of us might be receiving a jumper for next year’s Christmas present. Lol…

So how much planning of 2019’s makes have you done? Next time I will show some of the fabrics that I have book marked as needing to be used this year…


7 thoughts on “Make Nine 2019 – Pippa

  1. Dartmoor Yarns

    I’m exactly the same. Start things that seem like a good idea, but then get carried away by the next idea before I’ve finished them. I too am hoping to break that one this year. Look forward to seeing your more purposeful makes throughout the year. xx

    1. Pippa Post author

      Gargh not sure why wordpress didn’t tell me I had comments…
      Oh I totally seem to do that all the time, trying to get better. But sometimes it just means that the things get left there not finished and I dont atart another project. I am currently trying to finish one of my little projects (like mending underwear or hemming a top I have been wearing part finished) before sitting down at the machine to start a new project. Lets see if that helps.

  2. tialys

    I am definitely with you on making things I’m actually going to wear, rather than what I want to wear should my current way of life and location be different. I know, for instance, having made several summer dresses last year, I don’t need another dress but it’s always dress patterns that tempt me. I must be strong.
    I am also going to attempt another pair of Ginger Jeans, probably once I’ve finished the coat. The right fabric is hard to come by though isn’t it?

    1. Pippa Post author

      Gargh not sure why wordpress didn’t tell me I had comments…
      Yes I know what you mean, formal dresses always seem to catch my eye but I don’t really need anymore of them in my current lifestyle… or I need to change my lifestyle to better reflect my wardrobe, maybe :p
      Yes I’m still on the hunt for good stretch denim, let’s see how that goes.

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