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So this month I did my first test knitting for a knitwear designer and tested a cable knit hat, in fingering weight wool. Looking back on it I probably should have just stuck to pre-planned Christmas Knitting but this is probably going into the Emergency Christmas Presents box. Which just seems to contain knitted things at the moment!

This hat was designed for JC Rennie Supersoft Lambswool which is part of what got me interested in it in the first place as I have been wanting to try it out, but based on time constraints and the need to cast on as soon as possible I knit from my stash (we have been trying to reduce both our wool and fabric stashes so this made sense too).

Pattern: Nerly Hat from Maria Bourne (test knit) [My Ravelry project page]
Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply in Cherry Drop.
Needles: 3.5mm for brim and 4mm for the main pattern
Time Taken: This took me 5 days to knit whilst being at work for 4 of them, I sat down and focused on finishing it on the sat in time for the end of the test. I would say under 10hours in total.

Extra Info: I was not sure if I would like this pattern when I started knitting it as I have never really knit a hat in such small wool before – mostly just chunky wool so that they knit up quickly – and I did get a little annoyed with some of the cables, but I think it worked out nicely. It is a very light hat but because of the wool content it is nice and warm. I am still debating about adding a bobble to it but I think that I might leave it without (partly that bobbles take up so much yarn and partly to keep it a bit less girly)
I’m not going got lie, the colour is def somewhat out of my comfort zone which I think is why the wool has stayed in my stash and hasn’t yet been used. But I seem to be having an increase in red coloured items and it should match my bright red coat (maybe).

I still think that my row gauge is off compared to the pattern but the hat only came out 2cm longer than the finished dimensions for the whole hat. You can see this a bit from the side/back when wearing it with my hair down but tbh I don’t often wear hats like that and the extra length is good so that it can fit over my hair when its tied up. The stretchy nature of the rib also helps to allow enough space for my hair.

I might knit something like this again but I would adjust the cable pattern as I have spent so long looking at it whilst knitting the pattern I have spotted a few things that I would like to change. I find the lack of vertical “symmetry” annoying and I would probably add at least one more cable twist into the crown section to make it flow a bit more. But overall I think it is a nicely designed hat but not one for cable beginners as the 10st cable section is a bit difficult and a bit confusing to knit.


6 thoughts on “Nerly Hat – Finished Object

  1. tialys

    Looks good although I know what you mean about the meandering cables – almost looks like you made some mistakes at first glance. That’s me never going to be asked to be a test knitter

  2. Rainbow Junkie

    I have to agree with you about the design of the cables. I do find them somehow unsatisfactory and much too boring at the top rather than making me want to “explore all the intertwinings” as suggested by the designer.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Yeah the top seems a very stark change. But then again you don’t often see the top of hats that much when they are being worn.

  3. Kim

    It looks good, but I understand your comments. Sometimes cables just don’t make you happy – it’s a personal thing. Enjoy the hat anyway.

    1. Pippa Post author

      Thanks. It’s getting a surprising amount of wear as it’s much smaller than my other hats so can go in my bag. And I don’t have to pay much attention to it when I’m wearing it…


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