Quick project: Framed organisation lists

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So this is a tutorial for a very quick project, I think it took me less than 30 minutes to make 2 of these and take photographs.

Framed lists supplies

For this project you need:

  • Some frames – size doesn’t matter (these are from IKEA but you can pick up cheap frames lots of places)
  • Card – enough to cover the opening of your frame, paper would possibly work here as well
  • Scissors – for cutting card
  • Permanent markers – to title your list
  • Wipeable/removeable markers – for writing the items of the list
  • Optional: stickers, tape etc to decorate the frames

First, remove the backing of the frame. This possibly can be done by hand, or take a normal knife and use it to press the metal tabs up away from the backing.

You can then remove the back card and anything that is inside the frame. In my case it was the liner paper from the shop and a piece of framing, since I wanted my list the entire size of the frame.
Framed lists - remove backing


About the card/ paper choice:

I chose not to put anything on my card, so I can write on the glass front, however you could either draw on the card before you put it in, or print a design onto the card/paper. This could be useful if you wanted to put guidelines on the card for aligning your writing, or checkboxes for a to-do list. The options are pretty endless. My next frames will probably be printed.

Also I used plain card (it was scrap from another project) but you could use coloured card, or patterned cardstock. Just make sure the pattern isn’t too vibrant so you will still be able to see what is written on it.


Use the liner as a template if you have one, otherwise measure your backing piece of card from the frame. Then cut your new list card to size. You want to make sure that it completely covers the opening and won’t slip down the frame when you stand it up.


If you are writing on the card or printing on it, make sure that the text is positioned correctly before you cut!

Framed lists - backing card

Now you can reassemble the frame. It’s a good idea to clean the frame glass now if any marks/fluff will annoy you later.
If your card has two different sides make sure you put the list side face down (towards the glass) – unlike my first attempt…
Then place the backing card on top of your list card and press the tabs back down with a knife so they clasp the card reasonably firmly. It might be a good idea to double check the card positioning before securing the tabs.
Framed lists - replace backing

Decoration time! If you haven’t already written/printed on the card in the frame then now is the time to write on the glass. Ideally you want to use something that’s reasonably permanent. So permanent markers or sharpies would work quite well. I’d advise testing how the pen writes on the glass first as one of my markers tended to run quite a lot, hence why one of my titles is quite chunky…

But if it does go wrong then a bit of nail polish remover and a kitchen towel should remove it.

Framed lists - titling the frames

And now for the actual lists! I tried using whiteboard markers on this but they were so faint I didn’t really like it. If you have decent whiteboard markers then they are possibly your best bet as they are easily removable.

I ended up using my Posca markers, and I have to say, they look lovely and write beautifully on the surface. I think they might take a bit of work to get off once they dry, although judging by how easily they came off ceramic I probably won’t have too many issues…

Framed lists - writing the list

So there we have it! Quick to make framed lists. You could use these for projects, shopping lists, calendars, chore lists, just so many options!

I think I will be making a few more of these, possibly a complete command station at some point.




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