2016 Makes – 2017 Aims.

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2016 is over now and its time to look back on the year and forward to the next one. I haven’t found 2016 too bad on a personal level but as a year globally, what a year! But one good thing that a friend posted on FB is that we had no forces personnel deaths on operations, the first year since 1986. Long may this continue.

At this time of year I tend to look back on all the things I managed to make in the year and am usually surprised by the number. Here is a short video of the things I have made this year that I have taken a photograph of…

Next year I must aim to take more decent finished object photos…

Some how I managed to miss out one of my biggest makes of the year! 48 hours to make a ballroom dress!!

Rainbow Dress

I have managed to make quite a lot this year which is in regular rotation



I also managed to produce quite a bit of knitting this year


But there are some that need more work or didn’t work altogether.

Need work

Top Row L-R: Aneesas dress, I must finish this this year!; Paxson Jumper Some how I think the front and back ended up different lengths and this pulls really badly, Needs taking apart and redoing; Burda Top – this just feel weird when on, the seam line across the top of the arm just makes it feel like it’s falling down all the time; Red Top made for my granfathers funeral, I need to modify the neckline so it stops looking like a linebackers jersey (Nikki’s words!)

Bottom Row: Aztec top, collar needs redoing (again); Polkadot top, collar needs redoing !; Culottes, need hemming still; Black Burda Jumper, I need to modify the neckline to stop it being so wide…

All in all I think 2016 was a positive year, looking forward to 2017 I have made some aims for the year rather than specific resolutions. In no specific order:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Make my own jeans
  • Sew from my own stash more
  • Make a coat/jacket
  • Learn to drive
  • Use the recipe books I own more
  • Don’t waste food
  • Learn to use knitting machine
  • Finish Aran jumper, cast on Lopapeysa
  • Try to finish everything with at least 24hours before it is needed!

With this in mind I am also setting myself Monthly Aims. At the moment Januarys are:

  • Sort and document fabric stash
  • Make basics (5x underwear, trousers, 3x Tshirts, vest tops/strappy tops)
  • Finish Robs Jumper and send it to him.
  • Make leotards/tops for the team “dresses”
  • Spend less than £5 for my main meal each day (averaged, from now till the end of the month, including eating out if necessary)

Happy New Year everyone, I hope this is your year.

What are your aims/resolutions/wishes for 2017?


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