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proudest accomplishment / most loved item / most frequently worn item / thing you saved up for / investment pieces / thing you worked a long time on / oldest thing that’s still in rotation

A lovely set of prompts this week Karen suggested she might do one a day on Instagram but I think that I might try and pick one for each prompt, if I can!

Proudest Accomplishment

Well that is a good question other than finally getting a T-shirt pattern to fit and not look home made my proudest make is probably my Ball Gown that I made before I really started sewing. When I say I made, my Mother helped me. it was a strapless ball gown made from a vintage Vogue pattern (my Mother made the same dress for the evening after her wedding) in a gorgeous Chinese dragon print silk (from the local market!) and a curtain.

Unfortunately when I was 19 I was much skinnier than I am now and I have let the side seams out once already but I’m not sure if it actually fits me any more… But I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it, in the same way my mother still has the version she made, which Nikki now fits!

Or possibly this double knitted hat which has a reversible pattern on it that I designed myself for a friend…

stingray hat

Most loved item

Now this is a difficult one, at the moment it is probably not a piece of clothing but my snow boots. Bought two years ago they are still going strong and putting up with being worn almost every day as soon as it gets cool enough to put them on… Which is good going since the last two pairs of Winter Boots that I had both wore through at the back of the heel…


Most frequently worn item

Probably goes to either my boots or (depressingly) my dressing gown. My house is freezing especially when I’m working at home either on the computer or sewing machine you don’t move much it is easy to get very cold. So most days you will find me with my dressing gown over the top of my clothes and yes it does get me odd looks from the postman!

With this in mind I am planning on sewing a ‘house coat’ to wear when I get cold and I wont look quite so shabby…

Thing you saved up for

So far this isn’t really a thing I do, so far I think my disposable income matches my sewing ability so I haven’t really saved up, or splashed out on a piece yet. I like getting a good bargain so I normally save up my fabric purchases till I find good deals. But if I do end up sewing either my own Ballroom Dancing dress or a good winter coat I think they will be ‘splash out’ purchases.

Investment pieces

When I found my winter coat three (?) years ago that was an investment piece, although it did come from Primark (I actually tried to find one from somewhere else!) I actually invested a lot of time into finding one that actually fit me, even if I didn’t invest huge amounts of money into it. It is soo hard to find coats that I can lift my arms in!

The Primark Jacket that too aages to find...

I also found a ‘fur’ (sheepskin) coat last winter which should also count as an investment piece, again my bargain side coming out again as it came from a charity shop 🙂

fur coat

The thing you worked a long time on

This post… Hmm I need to stop thinking that the only way I make garments is sewing. Probably my longest project was my first jumper! (and when I finish it my second one will probably be longer!)

Oldest thing that’s still in rotation

Good question, Nikki has most of the old things that have shrunk slightly but are still usable (Dad’s scout shirt and his Cambridge jumper) but other than that I only just got rid of a halterneck top from my gap year ’06. We still have sailing tops from events way back when, but they don’t really get worn except for sleeping in (well hello XL Tshirt). But probably the oldest regular use item would be my old Falmer boot cut jeans that I cannot seem to find a replacement for and will soon need to be recycled as the fabric is wearing way too thin… 🙁


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