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Ok so I was planning to post about week two of Slow Fashion and have written most of that post, there are a lot of words and currently no images at all, but I got distracted today and ended up going down one of those Pinterest based rabbit holes…

Recently I decided I needed a house coat so that I can wear something warm in the house and not get my life choices questioned by the postman/neighbours. This came about shortly after nodding an acknowledgement to one of my new neighbours (I recently moved in) when putting the bin out in my spotty dressing gown and slippers!

House Coats are so much more glamorous than dressing gowns

Trying to find photos of people wearing house coats was a lot harder than finding patterns for them. There are patterns galore on Pinterest.

This is closest to what I want I think

This one caught my eye, but I can’t work out if I want it to cross over at the front or if I want the two sides to just but up against one another…

I want to make it with at least two layers of fabric on the bodice and skirt I think to keep in the warmth, but I am not sure about the techniques of doing this. So more Pinterest searching but that just took me down a historical garments rabbit hole which took up a few hours probably and makes me want a flowery chintz dress and waist stay… That is never going to happen but I will have to learn more about historical dresses I think…

I have also been looking at Modern Pattern Design by Harriet Pepin who has a lovely section on the Hostess Gown/House Coat complete with the quote

There is nothing quite so depressing as to see one trailing around in a flannel bathrobe or jaded negligee. A few yards of twenty five cent cotton percale can produce a most attractive garment which will endure for months and be a constant joy to the wearer.


Harriet Pepin on the Hostess gown

Harriet Pepin on the Hostess gown




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