Recycling in the garden

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So along with our recent start on clearing up the garden we have also decided that it is about time that we started making our own compost and recycling the food waste that we produce from the kitchen. Since we only have a small garden we weren’t sure before about getting a compost bin, but our local council doesn’t do food waste recycling we decided to just go for it and get a compost bin.

The local council does a partnership with evergreener to offer compost bins and other recycling items and a discounted price to normal, so we went ahead and bought ourselves some compost bins and also a narrow water butt to allow us to collect rainwater and use some of that in the garden (it seems a bit silly to just let the water go to waste)

I’m actually really looking forward to being able to compost stuff as throwing away vegetable peelings always seems to be a complete waste. Although I’m sure that when the decomposing veg starts to pile up I won’t be such a fan of the smell…

But hopefully when we get a nice crop of compost and can use it plant our nicely homegrown veg (fingers crossed) it will all be worth it!

Well I have to say I’m exceptionally impressed with the speed of the delivery. I ordered them one afternoon, the next morning at 8.30 we get a knock on the door and open it to a selection of dalek looking compost bins… very prompt!

The new dalek addition to the garden 

 Hopefully the compost bins will sit nicely in the border near one of our hedges, in an area which we didn’t have any other plans for. I’m planning on ‘installing’ it today and getting it started off with some garden waste. Might have to look at tying it down somehow though, in case it gets a bit windy.

Time to collect some rainwater!

A nice shiny waterbutt as well, hopefully this will collect a fair amount of water that comes off our roof. Although since it’s not got a nice setup, we might have to try a little bit of re-jigging to connect it up. (Also a shame we didn’t have it a few days ago as it was absolutely tipping it down and I’m sure we would have got a nicely filled water butt).


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