Oreo Vanilla Ice cream recipe

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The inspiration for this was taken from pinterest when I was looking for oreo recipes and came across a recipe for cookie monster ice cream from Our family of Seven – given my previous cookie monster cupcakes I made, I thought it would be a great idea, unfortunately I didn’t have the chocolate chip cookies to make it complete, so that will have to wait for next time. 
I have recently(ish) got an ice cream maker attachment for my wonderful Kenwood chef (along with a mincer and a pasta maker – which I have yet to use properly) and this was my first time using it. Definitely impressed with how it turned out, and I’m looking forward to making some more ice cream soon, I think ginger will be one of my next recipes. 
Kenwood attachments! Unfortunately not including the ice cream maker…

The recipe for this is incredibly simple – 4 ingredients only… (it is the cheats version, but I didn’t want to faff around with egg yolks, and I think this will last longer – although I’m not sure it will survive not being eaten for very long)

approx 480ml Double cream (I had a little less than this so it is a little caramelly in taste – but very moreish!)
1 can of Condensed Milk (397g/ml)
1 tbsp Vanilla Essence
1 pack of Oreo Biscuits (or other sandwich biscuits)
(I also added a little food colouring, but it hasn’t made a huge impact on the colour)
The ingredients needed for the ice cream
This recipe can also be done without an ice cream maker (just spooning it directly into the tub and freezing)
1) Cut up the oreo biscuits into approx quarters, leave some of these aside for the topping. 

All of the oreo goodness
2) Using a mixer or hand whisk, whisk the double cream until stiff.
3) Mix in the condensed milk until it has a smooth consistency.
4) Add in any colourings and the vanilla essence at this point and make sure they are mixed thoroughly.
5) If you are not using an ice cream maker then now add the oreo biscuits into the mix (leaving some for the topping) and transfer to a freezable container – an old ice cream container is perfect and skip to step 10.
If you are using an ice cream maker then assemble your maker and ensure it is turned on before you add the ice cream mix – this is to prevent the ice cream from freezing onto the edge of the bowl and stopping the paddle turning. 
6) Add the ice cream mix to the running ice cream maker through the spout. This might be a little tricky as the mix is fairly thick, so a spatula or wooden spoon might be helpful. 
Mixing in the ice cream maker
7) Add the oreo biscuits into the ice cream maker bowl through the spout – I added them straight away, however it may be an idea to let the ice cream freeze a little bit before adding them as the paddle can move more freely without the biscuit.
8) Leave the ice cream maker to freeze the ice cream (with the paddle still turning!) this can take a while, my machine says it should be ready within 30 minutes. I took mine out after approx 15 minutes as the oreo lumps were causing the ice cream to get everywhere… 
Ready to transfer to the container
9) Stop the mixer and transfer the ice cream out into a freezable container, a silicone spatula is very useful for getting the ice cream off the side of the bowl, and a wooden spoon can be used to transfer the ice cream if the spatula isn’t strong enough. 
Be careful not to use metal implements on the bowl as it can scratch the surface.
10) Use the remainder of the chopped oreos as decoration on top of the ice cream, I also added a little grated dark chocolate to finish it off. 
11) Pop the ice cream into the freezer and it should be ready to eat soon. (If you didn’t use an ice cream maker it will probably take at least 4 hours to freeze) With an ice cream maker it may be ready to eat straight away depending on how long you left it in the ice cream maker. 
My Oreo vanilla ice cream masquerading as Carte D’Or…

It really is quite simple to do, and I am definitely looking forward to eating this soon if the scrapings from the bowl are anything to go by!


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