Weekly Roundup: 20th April

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This week has been a bit of a weird week in as much as we have not spent much of it in southampton.
We went down to Devon to celebrate our mothers brithday and help out in the garden as there is always work to be done here…




Today we went shopping to buy stuff to take to my parents and a few other things…

Today was my Mothers birthday so we chilled out and then packed up a picnic and went to the beach but it has not quite warmed up enough here yet and we ended up eating it in the car. We then walked up to Start Point Lighthouse.

Wednesday consisted of lots of work in the garden, using the chipper to get rid of some old logs we have and creating a new path and hacking up a few large sections of soil.

New path...


Pulling the neighbours trailer out of a hole...

More work in the garden… We also pulled the neighbours ride on mower out of a puddle, including the trailer.

We walked into Totnes today from Dartington and then went round the shops, popping into my grandparents on the way back home. Unfortunately I had a stinking headache this evening and ended up having to go to bed before dinner and didnt get up till late the next day.

Nikki went into Totnes again today to check out the food market and I stayed home trying not to agrivate my headache more. The afternoon was more productive making Blackberry Jame and turning this pile of fabric into a top.



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