Weekend Haul I {Jelly Time}

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This weekend I have been busy making stuff from a ton of windfalls the my parents brought down the other weekend and trying to preserve some of the produce from our garden. 

I made Rosemary Jelly with all the Rosemary ‘branches’ which were lying along the floor. 

Quince Jelly (with apples) from some of the Ornamental Quince from my parents house. There is something wonderful about the Quince I just adore the smell of it, Nikki and Ed have found me with my head in the bag of them on more than one occasion this week…

Chilli Jelly from some of the Chillies that have ripened on the plants and some dried ones from a previous year. I’m likely to have to move the plants inside soon to finish ripening the remaining fruit.

Pomegranate Liqueur from Vodka and Pomegranates (and of course sugar)… Instructions from here 

Quince Liqueur with even more of the Quinces… Instructions and inspiration from The Quince Tree

So Mondays task was to label up all these lovely items and decide if they need pretty little covers or if I can cope with them all looking like the generic sauce jars that they were…

In addition I have had some Coffee Liqueur on the go for a few weeks which I have finally classified as ready so that was in the pile to label too. I will do instructions on that if it passes the taste tests…

Pretty… Lots of lovely labelled jars of goodness, I just now need to get into the habit of actually using it. 

I am making more Quince Jelly at the moment but this stuff is going to be with out the addition of apples to hopefully give a stronger taste.

We also have lots more apples so there may be some more jelly in the future, I have just got to decide what flavour, I might go on a hunt for some Rosehips…


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