Charity Shop Haul {Jewellery}

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I showed you this bag of Jewellery on Monday from a recent trip around the charity shops. Once I went through the bag it was obvious there was a LOT of bits in there, some more impressive than others. 

Well here is a run down of what was inside and some thoughts on what I am going to do with some of them.

First off the not so amazing bits:

These will be going back to a charity shop
These plastic beads might end up on the Christmas tree, if not back to the shop they go
These are the odd earrings from the bag. 
I’m not sure what is happening about these yet but I’m not a massive fan of them

Onto some good stuff:

A nice selection of necklaces.
Some pretty pearl necklaces, these are the things I’m most looking forward to using. I might try pearl stringing.
I’m not really sure what this is, it almost looks like a necklace that should clip on to buttons under a collar.  Any Ideas?
A nice selection of bracelets. The clear ones might be brought out for the first comp of the year.
And some Bangles. I’m surprised they actually fit on my wrist.
Yet more bracelets. Not sure if I like these as much.
The paired earrings. There is a Palm Tree set with a necklace that I might try and sell. The wreath set are clip ons so might be modified into some other style. And the Red ones look home made, but Nikki likes them so that might be where they end up.
Some dangly necklaces, I will have to see how these sit when worn before deciding if I will keep them
I got these two necklaces in the pack, the top one has already been mended by adding a jump ring to the end so that the lobster claw has something to fit into.
These were a few of the broken things, I am planning on making the dangly porcelain sets into earrings and taking the beads off of the top string and possibly turning some of them into earrings. I have some faceted orange/brown beads like the centre one from a previous set of jewellery I took apart.

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