How-to guide: No Sew Chair feet covers

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Chair Feet Covers (aka Leprechaun feet)

So we have a pair of rather comfortable high backed armchairs and we use them for most things, including our “dining” chairs for sitting at the dinner table. This means they get moved back and forward quite often and this has been wearing away our lovely wooden floorboards by the table *sadface* At this point we decided it would be a good idea to cover the feet to so they didn’t scratch the floor… and here is how we did it. It is a really simple and easy solution, and it doesn’t have any sewing involved!

1. Choose your fabric. We went with felt because it has a bit of padding and hopefully will be durable. The colour choice was a little more bizarre because we used left over fabric from the creation of my parrot costume (which I will post about at another time)

2. Work out how large you need your fabric circles to be, we went with 6″ diameter to give a bit extra around the top of the foot. Mark the circles out on your fabric, ready for cutting.


3. Cut the circle out of the fabric, I cut just inside the black line so that I didn’t end up with a black line on the top of my foot.
4. We decided the easiest way to secure the feet would be to cut small slits in the felt and thread a piece of string through and pull tight. This works nicely with felt as it doesn’t fray. I cut 6 slits evenly spaced around the fabric, at approx 1″ from the edge so the string should pull in at the narrowest point of the chair foot.
5. Thread the string through the slits, going in one hole and out the next so the ends of the string end up on the same side.
6. Put the felt over the foot (with the string on the outside) and pull the string tight, trying to get the folds distributed evenly, it just makes it look a little better.
7. Tie off the ends of the string, I used a reef knot, but different knots could be used depending on how slippery the string is. Just make sure it’s fairly tight, and then trim the ends of the string (but leave about an inch on the end)
8. Repeat with the other legs and then you are finished. Simple as that!
The finished product! Such a simple thing to carry out, it probably took me just over half an hour to do 8 of these feet and they eliminate all the floor scratching, so my wooden floor will stay much nicer!

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