Autumn Update!

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So I have actually had a bit of time recently to write some blog posts and make some new items, but that time might go away quite soon. I am just about to start university again, tomorrow is the first day of my PhD program! Unfortunately this probably means I will say bye bye to my free time. 

I have tried to make the most of the ‘last summer’ by doing lots of projects; I finished my latin dress! (The last few posts are still being written though…) I painted a reasonable amount of the house and garage and worked on making cushion covers which have been lying around for quite a while waiting to be worked on.

I have also taken on some pretty big new projects which I think will take up most of my time… I started making a rag rug which seemed like a wonderful idea, but I had no idea that it would take so long!! I have spent many an evening threading t-shirt strips through backing and I’m not even a tenth of the way through the rug yet… although it will look/feel amazing once it’s done.

It’s definitely got part of it done, long way to go yet…

Another huge project that we have taken on is to do with dance dresses… we are revamping many of the university team dresses. We currently have 13 dresses hung in our spare room waiting, some only need a little bit of TLC and repair to fringing, others need entirely new bodices or skirts. This all has to be done on a very tight budget as well, we applied for funding, but we didn’t get as much as we had hoped…but that just means we’ll have to be a little bit more inventive in order to try and repair as much as we can in budget. Although the biggest money saver for the society is the fact that we are doing this at cost price and not charging anything for labour…

In desperate need of some new fringing…

Fluffy bases to the skirts…not for long

Another exciting thing that we are trying (by we I mainly mean Pippa, but I would like to give it a go sometime) is to do Tambour beading. I am hoping that we will be able to make our own appliques to go on the dresses, as it is really hard to find ones online.

An example of a pattern that can be made.

So lots of exciting things, lets just hope I continue to have a bit of time to do them!


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