Travel Tuesday: Vienna – Austria Part 2

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Well this is the next installment in my Travel Tuesday set. Carrying on from my previous post: Vienna – Austria Part 1

One of the places that was on our list to see was the Donauturm, because it is the highest tower in Vienna, and has a viewing platform. Time to go get some pictures of Vienna.

I have to say the station exit was pretty confusing, either that or we were being stupid, because we almost ended up in the UN centre instead of towards the tower. It’s a small city over by the tower, with housing blocks having doctors and dentists and banks, shops and restaurants closer to the UN centre. Not what we were really expecting at all.

The area surrounding the tower was the ‘Donau-park’ which was very pretty, but had some rather strange but modern landscaping for the garden.

But it gave a good view from the tower’s viewing platform.

Unfortunately when viewing from the platform it wasn’t easy to spot any of the places we had visited. But atleast we got a nice view of Vienna.


The view of the UN centre from the tower.


The view over the Donau Insel towards the city centre.

Next was our tradition of Apple Strudel. So we went up to the cafe to look for a table. We found one, but as soon as we stopped by the table we realised that the cafe was rotating! The outer ring, where the tables were, turned around the inner section. I was pretty impressed, because this meant you got to see all the different views. Although it was very disorientating going to the toilet and coming back, because I couldn’t work out where the table was and had to walk quite a long way round to find it again!

After the apple strudel we headed back to town and souvenir shopping. We decided to head to the christmas market again, to actually buy some stuff this time.

When we got nearer to the market it definitely felt like there were more seedy characters around. It’s a tourist hotspot and is quite busy and everyone is close together which makes it a hotspot for thieves and pickpockets as well.

So make sure you keep your belongings close to you at all times and keep all zips closed on bags. It’s also quite good to keep some things on your person not in a bag, maybe in a security belt or a security pocket on a jumper/coat (which you’re not going to take off!)

Once we were back at the hostel we had some strange encounters. Which from my personal experience is fairly rare but if you do stay in a dorm then there is always the risk of strange people, or thieves etc. So make sure you lock all your valuables away, or keep them on you, and have copies of all important documents. You could store these on your email or on dropbox or somewhere similar, so that you can access them anywhere.

After Vienna it’s off to Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia. Although it’s in another country it’s only about 70km between the two cities. Our shortest train journey.



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