Knitted Jumper – Upcycled 3 ways. Part II – Cowl

Part two of the Knitted Jumper Up-cycling.

A very simple one today, A Cowl:

From this:

To this:

This upcyling is a very simple one since the jumper that I bought had a cowl neck on it anyway. It is just a case of separating it from the body of the jumper and finishing the edges.

Find where the cowl is attached to the jumper and see if it is two separate sections or not.

Here it has been made in two sections but appears that the body has been knitted through the cowl so I am going to cut it off.

I am cutting on the body side of the seam so that the cowl has a good edge and is as large as possible.

Two separate sections:

The pretty sowing machine that is doing the brunt of the work for me 😀 And yes I know it is pink! 

Sow along the edging. Here is sowed along the outside edge to ensure that it kept all the little bits together and it doesn’t start to unravel. I used a long straight stitch. Be careful not to sow too fast to ensure that you don’t make the edge wavy by stretching it. 

Try it on:

I am questioning whether to leave this as a cowl scarf or to attach it to a jumper, I think it fits the neck line of the jumper I’m wearing here especially well. It is also a little large for a scarf for me, I like them large and snuggly. 

I will have to look for a new method to make the perfect cowl scarf later. For now I need to find the perfect (and cheap, or pre existing) jumper to attach this to.

In some of the photos you can see a ring which is attached to the jumper, it was originally on the front but I have placed it at the back in this photo. I will either leave it in and at the back or make the cowl smaller and just remove that section. 
Decisions for later…


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